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Could this be the start of spring?

Last Sunday we went for a walk and I was delighted to find little hints of spring.

Only very little hints mind you - but enough to give me a skip-skip-skipperty heart!

What do you think?

Is it spring?
Is the end of this rather slow and lingering winter?
What do you think?

I certainly hope it is the sign of things to come!


  1. A question. What are the color spots on the sheep and lambs? I'm a curious sort. :)

    Love the yellow daffodils. Spring is on its way but it sure is taking its time.


  2. I'm holdling my breathe and have my fingers crossed for spring. The weatherman has even nearly promised us summer for this coming Sunday !!
    Yet, once again, chilly, windy, dark clouds and rain showers here today.
    Lovely photos as usual, thank you!

  3. I hope spring is here as I sowed a lot of seeds today; just a few left to do tomorrow. Today's weather was so much better than I was lead to believe; I even worked outside without my hat and coat on!!! However there are still two blobs of snow in my garden and loads still by the road up to our fields and yes there is still now by the walls. Perhaps we will miss spring and go into summer earlier than planned?????

  4. Lovely to see springlike pictures instead of snow! No, LL, we must have spring, can't leapfrog it into summer.


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