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This little piggie.....

Went to the veterinary surgery................

He brought his three little piggie brothers**

Who snorted and snored and snuggled

And grunted and snuffled and made us all smile

We oohed and we aahed and we laughed

As they snorted and snored and snuggled

and grunted and snuffled.

Poor little piggies, one, two, three and four - they'd all come to be neutered - what a way to start a day!


  1. And this little piggy cried Wah!Wah!Wah! all the way home?

    So cute :D

  2. Oh, how I hope you smuggled one out as my Beloved would love to have a pig but I say no as I have no wish to eat it... then again best to smuggle out two pigs so they can be company for one another.


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