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Prickly as a Pan-cat

Our dear little Pan is somewhat of a prickly character and we affectionately call her our 'catcus'.

Recently something has set off an allergic reaction and she has scratched and scratched and shredded her face with her back claws.

Much to her horror she was carted off to the vets and was prodded and poked and pronounced to have sensitive skin, given an anti-itch injection and a cone of shame.......
Not surprisingly she ABsoLUTEly  hates wearing it and turned her back on us. However, after the first 24 hours she realised that we have hands that can scratch and tickle and brush all the bits she can't reach. She has for the first in her short little life has allowed us to brush her and stroke her with out  the usual grumble and quick get-away.

After a few days, her sore head was looking a lot better so we thought that we'd tentatively remove the cone of shame and see how she would cope. She frantically washed and washed herself and then ran around and skipped about like a spring lamb......then.....started to scratch again.

Back went on the cone of shame...............she was mortified and sat in the corner.

We tried not to laugh (too much or too loudly)

It wasn't easy - don't think she noticed (much)



  1. Poor Pan. She does look cute sat (hiding?) in the twirly thing (can't remember its name!!!) A bonus for you that you can now stroke her a bit more.

  2. Aah bless her, it can't be nice having to wander around with a lamp shade over your head. My friend has 2 dogs that occasionally have to wear one and when they run at you full pelt they unintentionally give you a bit of a whack below the knees.
    I hope Pan is feeling better soon.

  3. Oh, the poor wee lamb. I can't help but think how funny a human would look with a cone of shame.


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