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Trundling tractors

On Sunday (what a wet and dismal day) we were in the lounge when Himself noticed a vintage tractor trundle by. Then another and another and several more. We stood watching and grinning affectionately at the absurdity of ancient workhorses out for a damp Sunday run.

Suddenly Youngest asked for my camera and stood at the window and snapped as many as he could - I could have kicked myself as the first few tractors were positively archaic and would have been wonderful to photograph.

Never mind.

Here is a selection of the ones that Youngest managed to capture.

A few of the drivers were grinning but most were wrapped up and hunched over their vehicles, not surprising really seeing the weather was being up to its usual standard.

The weekend before we had a vintage car rally through the village however, we were out on the hills having a wonderful walk so missed it!


  1. I too found out about this only yesterday!!!! Rats I was annoyed as I like tractors, classic and modern. Luckily we were at the fields when some of the classic cars drove past.

  2. You were lucky to have seen it. If you had been out in the garden you would have had no idea it was going by! Well done Youngest Photographer!!


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