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Lunch with a view

The sun was shining, we had an hour, a puppy, our lunches and a hill - Castleberg  Crag calling to us. A dramatic crag faced backdrop to the market town where we work. A mecca for the local climbing fraternity, criss-crossed with steep woodland paths for those less daring (us!) and benches tucked into small plateaus with views over the rooftops. Gorgeous on a warm and sunny day.

We puffed up the hill in our fleeces (we had been cold earlier on) as the pup ran around, wide smiled and tongue out. At the top we shed our excess gear, sank back onto a favourite bench and just drank in the horizon. The labrador pup collected sticks and brought them to us to throw as we munched our sandwiches and talked about horses and jobs, false nails and dogs, camping and potatoes - yes, it was a very random conversation.

Our hour had almost evaporated leaving us just enough time to skidadle down the crag, hot-foot through the busy market and get back to work with just moments to spare. Excellent!


  1. What a joy to be able to be outside for your lunch. Good for us too as we get some lovely photos!

  2. lunchtimes, ah yes, I remember those, sounds wonderful

  3. Lovely walk again. You will miss their company when they leave.x


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