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Feeling sheepish...a rather sweet Ta Da!

The challenge - make a sheep inspired cake

The inspiration - the Swaledale
A good firm Madeira cake, laced with lemon zest and juice
carved then frozen overnight. 
Then a piquant lemon butter icing used to hold the pieces of cake in place 
with a layer of royal icing laid down as a starting point

A borrowed potato ricer and strong wrists to make the fleece
Coloured royal icing rolled and twisted to make horns 
and edible coloured sugars to make the shading and details.


Time for a cup of tea and a sigh of relief.
(With tremendous thanks to Youngest who helped wonderfully - taking pictures, making 'fleece', eating up bits of icing...... giving advice {lots  of advice} and to Himself and Eldest who just kept sneaking into the kitchen and helping themselves to anything they thought edible....
only JUST had enough white royal icing in the end


  1. Impressive Hawthorn!!!
    and you doubted yourself in your previous post about being able to do it??? Surely you have surpassed yourself ???
    Fantastic cake and those horns are just perfect.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  2. Wonderful!!! Amazing!!!! Oh clever you! Now I know why you wanted a potato ricer! What was the reaction at work?

  3. Well done, knew you could do it, never doubted your abilities for one minute. We are both most impressed. Hope t'vets all impressed too!! x

  4. PS Just looking at pictures again and have only one word for your cake...sheependous!!! x

    1. Wow, Hawthorne. That certainly is a beautiful sheep. I love the horns and the fluffy coat. You get my vote. YOU WIN!


  5. It's brilliant Kate, well done

  6. That cake is soooo brill. You should go into business. Soooo inspiring.

  7. Lots of hard work in that cake pushing sugar paste through a ricer , I'd call that a work out! Did you win? I hope you did.


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