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The magic of Grass Wood

We have a favourite woodland that we walk in several times each year, capturing different seasons and different views. We have visited this spot since the boys were tiny and just about able to walk up the main track on little toddly legs and tired feet. Their hands small and sticky as they grasped our fingers for support. Over time as their legs and their bodies strengthened, we have taken more and more challenging routes which they have bounded up with such enthusiasm.

At the top is an iron age 'settlement' originally though to be a fort but over time and with better understanding of the lie of the land and the needs of the ancient peoples, the fort has now been classed as an ancient dwelling.

On the far side, over a high stone wall the woodland takes on a different feel, more ancient and wild with hawthorn, beech, birch and ash colonising the undulating dale. We followed a well loved and oft tramped path through these trees and moorland grass with its limestone outcrops nestled between scrubby bushes and wind battered hawthorn.
 'My' tree - a twisted magical hawthorn, stands proud on a small hillock. We have stopped to visit it every time we walk here - each time I leave a woven grass band on one of the branches, noting over the years older faded ones - some have survived several winters while others have gone.

The surrounding area is filled with a wonderful timeless and venerable feeling - it has a definite air of side stepping the modern world and remaining unchanged.
Several neighbouring birch trees have 'witches' brooms' - a virus induced odd growth with dozens of twigs sprouting in a tight tangled manner.

This walk however was also filled with optimism and buoyant spring colour as emerging flowers seemed to emanate in all quarters.

Tucked into the clints and grykes were primroses and sprinkled through out the moorland grasses 
were wild heartsease as well as purple and yellow violets.

 There were bluebells with their heavenly hyacinth-scent, purple heath spotted orchids, celandine 
and 'milkmaid'.  
The woodland floor was strewn with anemones and wild strawberries and along the pathways, 
blackthorn and cow-parsley were covered in frothy white flowers.

Spring in our favourite corner of the world has finally sprung - and it is GLORIOUS!


  1. Yes this a magical moment when the leaves are just coming out and the flowers are just as you have described. This is when I wish I could stop the clock and keep the season as it is.

  2. Wow, even a geology lesson. Glad you linked clints and grykes. You are so full of information! Lovely walk in a lovely place.

  3. What a lovely walk!
    Spring was here but it seems to have lost it's way this morning. Fingers crossed it's just a hiccup!


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