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The hills have eyes

A few days ago I mentioned that work had been all jangled with even the hills seeming cantankerous and Jacqueline asked for photos of said hills.

That has had me stumped coz despite me normally having a camera surgically attached to my hand, on that particular day (typical) I had left my camera at home.  Since then the hills have been more springlike and less gruff until this last weekend.

We'd been out walking and had stopped alongside the River Wharfe for a break and a brew when whilst the boys were skimming stones and I was knitting I noticed that a nearby hillside had taken on a definite cantankerous air.....

Rather brooding and menacing or am I bordering on odd?
I am sure it is looking quite grumpy.
Have you seen something and imagined it to be something else?

No? Ok - so I am the odd one then - ok, I can live with that :)


  1. Ooh it does look rather brooding!

  2. Wonder why it is such a dark colour when the rest of the hilside is bright and sunny

  3. Love your new header pictures - now that is what I call a brooding, cantankerous hill!! Or is it just the dark sky??

  4. Aah now that did make me smile!
    Have to agree with Jak, that does look like a brooding cantankerous hill in your header picture. Isn't just amazing how the changes in the weather casts different effects on our landscape?

  5. I must be the odd one out as I find this picture soothing.....


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