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My left foot....and my right.

Saturday - With one thing and another - not sure what really happened - but when we arrived for our walk and I reached into the back of the land-rover to put on my.... and, well - just look and tell me what you see.

Notice anything?

Well my feet did.....On my left foot is my own boot - a size 38 and on my right a whole size SMALLER or should I say smaller.... I had, in my haste, grabbed my left boot and Youngest's right one. Not only is one leather and the other suede but one is brown and the other (when clean) is BLUE....

Himself was very helpful and chortled loudly as I cussed and muttered dark things at myself. Hey ho - not to let a slight footwear mishap to hinder our walk, I curled my toes slightly and off we went.


We walked through some beautiful countryside. Following the River Wharfe (which is Celtic for winding or twisting) we followed paths alongside rolling green farmland filled with sheep and lambs.....

...and walked up the steep narrow sided Trollers Gill, dark and pock-marked with signs of mining and tunnelling. The boys dipped in and out of caves and shafts, hopped over streams and fallen trees as we climbed over the centuries old collapsed cave rubble.

Of course, my knitting came too - and when the opportunity arose and the flask was opened, so my knitting was brought out and a row or two was added.
We must have walked .... near on 15 km (9 miles) - no wonder my right foot (and my left knee and my right knee) knew all about it! But it was worth it - it is a beautiful area and as long as you get away from the more public footpaths, there are some gloriously wild and abandoned places. (Yes that is my knitting in my back-pack)

Go on - have you ever picked up something in error?
Have you ever worn odd shoes?
Have you ever taken your knitting for a walk?
How has your weekend been?

Tell me - make me feel a little less odd!


  1. So now it is not only odd socks but odd shoes too!! You gave both of us a good laugh, thank you!!! Is that a bluebell in one pix? Not seen any around here yet.

  2. My friend's father went to a meeting in London once and when he got on the train and looked down, he had a brown shoe on and a black shoe on!!
    AND quite a few years back I noticed my mother in a department store (so lots of people about) walking down some stairs with another unknown woman walking just in front of her wearing some trousers that resembled some that my father wore. Only problem was I saw both women at the very same instant, my brain became fuddled and so I looked up and exclaimed to the soon to be startled poor unknown woman, "Mum, why on earth have to got Dad's trousers on!!!!"
    Absolutely true, you couldn't make it up, even if you were writing a novel!
    So you're definitely not odd, sometimes you do things without thinking and even though you were wearing odd boots, you still took some amazing photos!

  3. So funny. Just Sunday, I put on socks in the morning and didn't notice until the afternoon that I had on two different ones. They were both light brown, at least that's my excuse. :)

  4. I tend to wear a pair of shoes but put my left foot into the right boot and vice versa. It is not odd, just normal behaviour for both of us!


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