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Home made home grown rhubarb yumble-crumble

Last weekend we managed to squeeze in a bit of gardening between work, walking and the weather.

Himself harvested our first rhubarb crop of the year and Youngest made the yummiest pud.

The freshly picked rhubarb stalks were simmered in sugar and orange juice, then he rubbed butter into flour, added sunflower seeds and more brown sugar. I put the dish into the oven and 20 minutes later this gorgeously fragrant crumble came out.

Not surprisingly Himself and the boys finished it off in double time - I had a token piece, I am not keen on rhubarb but certainly appreciated the effort and time he put into creating our rhubarb yumble-crumble!

I think he just might have a calling......


  1. I love rhubarb and your son's recipe sounds delicious !

  2. It sounds and looks wonderful but I cannot eat rhubarb. I grow my own because I like the look of it as a plant but years ago I made a crumble and was ill for the following 48 hours or more; so now I refuse to go near it!

  3. Looks good. Youngest's cooking is certainly getting more and more adventurous.


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