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So - what's been going on?

A lot seems to have happened between posts, lots to natter about and photos to share. Think I will start with today and work backwards if that is ok with you?

A dear friend asked me to do the flowers for her mother's funeral, so with her help and Jak's (my mom) and many mugs of tea we set about celebrating a life using flowers.

My friend wanted her mother's favourite flowers and her favourite colours to be incorporated in the bouquets. Fortunately and completely coincidentally I had taken a couple of days off from work so the three of us spent a creative few hours assembling bunches and a wreath, family arrangement, a heart and a 'meadow' for the coffin.

This one - the 'meadow' I was the most concerned about - how to make a 'meadow' out of flowers........?

 So we started with the wreath and once we got into the 'doing' of the flower arranging it became a lot easier. The morning sailed by and we stopped for a delicious lunch that my friend had brought along then we returned to the rest of our arranging.

It was late afternoon when we stood back and admired our work. My back ached from leaning over and arranging and placing the flowers.

But it was worth it.

So - that was my day, I am tired and know that despite enjoying doing the flowers that being a florist is not for me. Tomorrow is the funeral - my thoughts will be for my friend and her family.

xxx hawthorn


  1. Those are totally beautiful. I'm sure they will be well appreciated.

    I've tried arrangements with flowers - I don't have your skill, but totally understand the time consuming nature of the activity.

  2. I love the heart shaped one, what a good friend you are

  3. What a wonderful job you have all done with the flower arrangements. They are so bright and cheery, on this sad occasion. Well done all of you. I will think of our mutual friend today.

  4. Yes, it was a good day in spite of the sad reason for the occasion. Everywhere we were surrounded by buckets of beautiful flowers that Hawthorne had bought earlier and we just spent the day quietly snipping, stripping leaves, shaping then Hawthorne arranged the flowers. We were all pleased with the results as was our friend.


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