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To love or not to love.

You know when you live with someone or something and you accept them for what or who they are? Then suddenly you realise that this acceptance is a form of laziness or self denial? (Gosh this is getting deep!)

Well, this is how I was. All last week I was getting more and more annoyed and cross - with the CARPETS in my house.

They (the carpets) were less than fresh, seeming to actively hang onto dirt and look generally grumpy and grubby.
They had certainly rubbed me up the wrong way! 

I borrowed a super all-dancing-all-singing-all-washing carpet cleaner and AmaZiNgLY I now have gorgeous clean carpets, sweet smelling carpets that make me smile and the cat sniff suspiciously at - but oh so cleeeeeeeeean! Happy ? Too right!

And to celebrate such springlike cleaning effort my boys took over the kitchen and baked some heavenly (and calorie loaded- but I wasn't going to count) goodies.

Eldest made a delicious mountain of orange scented Shrewbury biscuits and Youngest made a succulent lemon drizzle. Himself was delighted!

I on the other hand will not dwell long on my efforts.....I have been put to shame by my two mini-bakers....I made scones and forgot to add the baking powder........so ended up with wizened briquettes - sigh.

And you?
Did you fall out of love then back into love with some one/something?
Did you 'forget' to count calories?
Did you forget to add baking powder?

Go on spill the beans -  make me feel better against the baking competition!!


  1. Well done boys, those look delicious. Bet they are all gone. Know just how you feel about the carpets Amazing (or is it horrifying) how much dirt you get out and how much cleaner the whole house feels afterwards.

  2. Oh look at all those yummy delights. I am glad yo like your clean carpets but I prefer the yummy delights! Keep them coming please.

  3. How lovely that your boys baked you such culinary delights! Hope no one dropped crumbs on your lovely clean carpets?

  4. Those boys are wonderful!!! How sweet to make those sweets for you!

    Not carpets for me, but my yard is my latest dislike. My gardens were a mess, and even with my friends sending someone to clean them, I still was not happy with how they looked. Bill tended flower beds and grass last weekend and I am now a happy girl. Oh, and we are getting chickens soon...you'll have to share some tips.
    Enjoy your treats the boys made! Best, Vicki


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