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Autumnal walking

 I am struggling with that 'end-of-yearitis' that plagues me seasonally. Some years I manage to skillfully ignore that dragged-down feeling I get as I watch the colours change when the countryside slips out of her summer frock of greens and wraps herself in browns and faded yellows.

Other times, like this year, I battle to appreciate the colours of autumn as trees change their coats and the hillsides turn sepia.

Himself on the other hand loves autumn and revels in the bite on the cooling air and the sting of a sharp breeze. He positively delights in walking wrapped up through the decaying season.

I turn inward. He, on the other hand glows with enjoyment, his cheeks tinged pink and his hands icy cold as he escapes the warmth of the house or car for the hills.

I shall have to try harder this year and walk a lot more - it helps.

What do you do when you hit that seasonal slump?
How do you cope with that feeling of loss as summer fades?
What are your tricks with coping?
Or are you one of the lucky ones who slip happily into autumn then winter without a hitch?


  1. I'm fine once Autumn is properly here, and I actually don't mind Winter either, (Christmas and looking forward to Spring), but I don't like this in-between bit. One day Summer, and then grey the next day, just reminds me that Summer has all but disappeared and truly sunny and warm days won't be back for a while. x

  2. A gorgeous post - love the colours and scenery :) I have always loved autumn, and although I am sad to say goodbye to summer these glowing autumn days have a magic about them for me. I'm always ready for the deep, rich colour palette at this time of year. However, I mourn the loss of light as the evenings draw in and the sunshine wanes. To combat this, I light candles indoors and have a string of fairy lights in some rooms which I light on dull days. I also want to enjoy with the dark, so I plan go outside more after dark for short walks to prove that I don't have to retreat indoors. My seasonal slump is always in the new year when Christmas is over and spring still feels a long way away - this year I'm going to plan some strategies to cope with that. Still deciding what they'll be ... :) x

  3. Lovely autumnal pictures. Gorgeous colours. We are amazed how the trees here in Northumberland are already losing their leaves and the heather is brown. It is much more advanced this year. The michaelmas daisies are almost over when usually they are a froth of blue flowers when we are here at the end of September.. There do seem to be more bees than we were seeing in Lancashire last week.

  4. I think I know where you have been walking! Looks very familiar and I ought to walk there again.... It saddens me to find the car's windows all wet in the morning (thankfully not frozen yet) but I tend to focus on getting to the Shortest Day in the year asap and on the following day I smile and say Here comes Spring! I find the dullest time when all the Christmas lights on the street lamps etc come down.

  5. You have some beautiful skies in your photos.
    I don't have a problem with summer into autumn or autumn into winter but I find it really hard coping with those grey, dark, warm, muggy days of winter. I definitely thrive on sunshine!

  6. I'm lucky I don't get seasonal slumps, I love the changing of the seasons. Just now I look forward to the nights drawing and open fires to come. later I'll look forward to lightening skies and early blooms. Don't know how I'd cope if they didn't change. Fab pictures, make me feel quite inspired

  7. What beautiful photos! I am doing pretty well so far, but I tend to suffer from the winter blah's myself. I find that sunlight bulbs really help around the house. The bright light does wonders for me.

  8. I do love autumn. I feel at home with autumn. There is a bit of an edge to it, knowing that with it's arrival, Jan/Feb come ever nearer. But everything else about autumn is wonderful. Especially the colors. I love them on the trees and I feel most myself when wearing autumn colors too. I definitely also enjoy the tastes and smells, the cozy earthy vibe and the mystery in the air!

  9. I am one of the odd ones who loves Autumn, I guess it's partly being an artist, I love the colours, but I also usually get a real slump as Winter approaches. I have learnt to keep a check, I have made myself a "go to list" and on it are reminders of tthings I need to do to keep the slump away. Amongst other things I make myself go out for walks whenever I can, I have daylight bulbs, I take an extra dose of Vitamin C daily. I also stockpile yummy books I want to read and crafts I want to do to give me things to look forward to in the long dark evnings. I hope you find your "things" to help you through. Beautiful photos x

  10. Lovely pictures. All the things I love to look at. I find the period after Christmas most depressing. All goes quiet and usually colder. Though there can be many blue and yellow days and snowy days which are lovely to look at but bad if I want to get out and can't because of the snow.


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