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Happy Happy!

...And the spider? Well, while I was posing for Youngest as he took photos, I sat staring at a spider about 10 cm from my face as it was sunning its stripy belly. I don't blame it - it was gorgeously warm in the afternoon sun.

Details (coz I know you'll ask).

Wool - Self striping from stash, both blues, gifted to me - Swans Island - American merino wool.

Pattern - My slightly squiffy version from a delightful book called Nordic Knitting Traditions which I'd found in a seconds bookshop in Hebden Bridge for a very nice price :)

Confessions - I was fine with the pattern - No - I was AbSOLuteLY besotted with the pattern, the knit just grew off my circular needles while I was on holiday and I kept having to show off to Himself as it developed. A slight hiccup occurred on the journey home from our jollies and I missed out a row, despite several froggings and repeat knittings, I just completely lost my way, so I just made a speckledy section as I reduced the stitches to finish off the crown. Although not the correct finish, I am I have to say rather happy - happy enough to burst!



  1. The hat looks great and so beautifully photographed.
    I tried to take a photo with my iPhone of a spiders web a few days ago but i just couldn't get the shot right.
    I think your spider is eyeing up your hat!

  2. Gorgeous, been knitting for longer than I care to admit to and still can't do the kind of knitting where you have to carry colours!

  3. What a beautiful hat! I am very jealous/inspired and think I'll have to have another go at colourwork knitting. The colours are gorgoeus. Well done! x

  4. Love the setting for your hat; it looks stunning. Having been lucky enough to see it 'in the flesh' I can vouch for its beauty. Well done you. What's the next project?

  5. Lovely hat, even with the ending having to be changed, it looks terrific. I know what it is like to get lost in a pattern, you keep pulling back to find where you are and still are lost! Frustrating. But this worked out well.

  6. What a lovely hat. I love the colours you have used and the splash of brighter colours around the rim.


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