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Walking the Walls

Berwick-upon-Tweed is a lovely historically interesting town on the edge of northern England and the borders of Scotland. Over the years the town has swapped sides of the border depending on which army was the stronger at the time and apparently Berwick is still at war with Russia..... however, now it is a town full of quirky corners, interesting architecture, upanddownyways, snikkets, ginnels and jennels. One of our favourite things is walking around the Elizabethan defensive walls -  so why don't you come with us and see what I mean!
 L.S.Lowry loved Berwick too - almost bought himself a house here. However he spent many holidays here painting and drawing at every opportunity. All around Berwick are these boards, placing the painting at the source of the inspiration.

 Walking on the walls allows you to see things that you miss when pavement pounding. I love the scrolls on the street lights.
 This house seems to hug the curve of the town walls, its brilliantly painted white walls seem so fresh and 'nautical'.
 As we walked by the Dewar's Lane Granary Gallery - a converted dockside building, look what was there!! A Lowry exhibition! As soon as we could we were in and just soaking up the atmosphere - my  eyes ate up each and every  painting and drawing as I stared. I had studied him years ago as an A level art student never ever EVER dreaming that one day I would ACTUALLY see his artwork FOR REAL! And, now this is the amazing thing, for free.
 Again, crisp white walls but this time with black and plantation style shuttering.
You can see how thick the walls are. Behind Youngest are the original dockside administrative buildings, things like Customs and Excise and the homes of rich merchants and below the walls, now converted, are the warehouses and the dockyards. Not all the architectural grandeur is historic....
Love the triomphe d'oeil sparten style columns

The three bridges across the River Tweed.

Yes, that house really is a crooked as it looks, the two halves seem to be leaning into each other as they watch the tide go in and out.

This is only a very short section of the wall - in total it is just over a mile in length, this little bit is just a taster :) Hope you liked walking it with us, speak soonxxxxxx


  1. Loved your wall walk. More please! Never been there so that is another place I ought to visit, one day.

  2. This is a part of the country that I've never been to, and yet it looks so gorgeous. We've only ever passed through Northumberland on the way to Scotland (apart from a stop-off once at Hadrian's Wall), so it's fascinating to see Berwick-on-Tweed. It looks well worth a visit - maybe one of these years :) Lovely photos too x

  3. love Berwick, great youth hostel there. So pining for some northern and sea bounded now

  4. Somehow missed this post. I re-walked the walls with you. Some things we had missed like the curved house.I am sure the Pictorial Photography shop hired out surfboards or bicycles or something like that last time we were there. xx

  5. Oh my! I love seeing your part of the world and enjoyed your wall walk. So glad you were able to see Lowry's art...what a nice surprise...a gift for the day. Best, Vicki

  6. I did like joining you for your walk! As always I love to see the images you share of your corner of the world. Your photos show just what a beautiful corner it is. I just took a short walk today and the leaves are all such brilliant shades of yellow and orange. Lovely, albeit early, and accompanied by a weeks forecast for temperatures in the 24-28 C range...!


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