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St Abbs - Woolscape

While we were on our hols, we popped into the St Abbs Old School Cafe to escape the weather. The welcome was delightful and what made it all the better - there was a little craft market being held.

As soon as I put in my order I scuttled into the hall to drool and hopefully make some purchases when my eyes fell on a wool stall - I practically pushed Youngest aside in my haste to get there. (In truth we'd actually arrived about 20 minutes before closing time and I wanted to see as much as I could before it shut - well that was my excuse....)

I met up with the lovely Jennie Howes from Sky Blue Pink Designs, who'd I'd met at Yarnival 2013 in Skipton when she very graciously let me take photos of her husband wearing one of her designed hats. We chatted for ages and of course I fondled as much of the wools on her table as I could as I chatted and of COURSE I just HAD to buy a hank of the most DeLiCiouS handspun BFL in blues. Oooh yum.

Jennie chatted to me about the Woolscape which is part of the St Abbs Wool Festival and I found myself agreeing (quite happily I have to add) to knitting a Guillemot for their sea-life table.  There already a delightful display of sea creatures and while I was in the Visitor Centre a chap wandered in carrying a rather large knitted humpback whale. He had it on his shoulder and much to my amusement as he left the centre saying good bye to the centre assistant the whale was still perched on his shoulder!

Picture from Jennie Howe's website

So, my Guillemot? Well let me show you!
picture from 1000birds.com

No - don't be silly, this is not MY bird, no.....this one below is mine! Yup - the fat woolly one is my attempt at the glorious sleek creature above! 

It was fun knitting this little chap :)  The colour isn't brilliant, I used the camera without the flash and it has just made everything rather pale. But I need to get him sent off for their table hence the hasty pictures. 


  1. aren't you clever I wouldn't know where to start if trying to knit a bird

  2. He is gorgeous, you must be very proud. xx Hope they are still in the visitors centre when we are there,

  3. He's so cute! You've captured the essence of guillemot, even his 'spectacles' x

  4. Beautiful job! The little guy even has an attitude. :-)

  5. My, you do get to go to some lovely places. As if that was not enough, you get to do some really cute knitting. He is super.

  6. Lovely.. want one for myself he's so cute . Clever you.


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