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Where in the world?

Where in the world have I been today?

Yup. I've been to Yarndale :)

I saw so-oo many friends there, both bloggy and normal. It was wonderful catching up with them.

There were sheep of all shapes and sizes.....

There was even a cow or two.
Mandalas aplenty .......

........................Loads and loads of bunting

 The trees were alive with the sound of bees and balls of yarn.

There was a lovely brass band on the lawn and while we were listening I suddenly saw a hand waving madly from the middle of the band and I squinted at the person and saw some one else I knew! Brilliant :)

Was it as good as last year? Well. although I did enjoy it, as did the three teenagers who came with me, I have to say the jury is still out.


  1. Oh - I wish I'd gone again. I kept thinking all weekend, that I wish I were at Yarndale. But I've had a lovely crafty day, and enjoyed the sunshine at home.
    Did you buy much? x

  2. Glorious,glorious snapshots Hawthorn.....everything looks so interesting and colour and yarn everywhere. Love the giant sheep!!! The Mandalas look wonderful! I found via another blogger´s photograph that my Mandala was placed on a table by the list of names of all the Mandala entries the same as my bunting last year. I must somehow get there next year!!!! Lucky ,lucky you!!!

    keep well

    Amanda x

  3. I'm glad you had a good time, I was aiming to attend this year but work commitments meant otherwise. There is always next year, I hope.

  4. Yes, I was there too! We had a great time; was it as good as last year??? Yes, but in a different way. Glad you made it there.

  5. We travelled up to skipton for the weekend so we were there too and were so pleased we made the journey. We had a great time, we couldn't believe how many stands were there and couldn't resist buying lots of wool.
    Hoping to make it again next year.

  6. I was there on Sunday too! I went on my own so was able to chat and wander at my leisure. So I had a lovely day there.
    I've thoroughly enjoyed catching up with all your posts from the summer. Love all your scenic pics, the kitty holiday snaps and the al fresco knitting. Gorgeous knitted hat you've made, have you seen the shwook hat? The pattern is free, and is such a beautiful design. I'm hoping to start this soon even though my experience in intarsia work is zilch, so just gonna go for it :-)
    (p.s. love the knitted Guillemot too!)


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