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A frosty little smile :)

A little smile -
just for you
Complete with a nattily perched 'fez' 
Happy Happy
Hope he made you smile too :)

*Thank you Youngest - your snowman is just perfect xx


  1. Yes, he definitely made me smile. Hot and muggy here today, so he looks lovely and cool. Take care.

  2. He's great! I bet much fun was had making him ;)

  3. You must have had more snow than we did!! Love his fez and friendly smile! xx

  4. "Just like that" ... sorry couldn't resist the Tommy Cooper reference with him wearing a fez lol. He's simply wonderful I love his rounded tummy.

  5. Yes he has made me smile, no snow here!

  6. Aw - made me smile! Brightened up a dull day.

  7. PS Just noticed your last line thanking Youngest for making it. Well done Grand Youngest!xx

  8. Awww!!!! A very cute snowman indeed!! xx

  9. What a very sweet snowman! Still no snow down here :(
    Cathy x

  10. Fantastic! I hope we have more snow - eldest is wishing for it so hard!

  11. He is so cute, the snowman that is! Youngest can be cute too but give me the snowman! Now if only we lived on the east coast of America where we could have watched Youngest make the world's biggest snowman.......


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