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Dreamcatcher Ta-Da! (with added catitude)

  • Wire coat hanger (and husband with strong hands and wire cutters to remove hook part)
  • Various cotton yarns in favourite colours
  • Beads - lots of
  • Time - fair bit
  • Cat involvement - extensive
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle
  • Tea
  • Artfully arrange your goodies and take photos (several). Causing husband to query what on earth are you doing?
  • Placate husband with promise of the kettle going on after this next photo or next one or next one... 
  • Leave artfully arranged items to put on kettle.
  • Return to rescue same from the cat - who assured me she was choosing which beads to use.
  • Return to make mug of tea for husband...and sons who decided they wanted too...one for myself as I felt I needed liquid courage.
  • Feeling revived remove cat again.
  • (Wo)man handle the coat hanger into a reasonable circular shape - wipe beads of sweat off brow and wish either had a ready made circle or had chosen a slightly less firm wire hanger.

  • Wrap a thick neutral yarn around the circle, glue down, use a bulldog-type-clippy-thingy to hold together.
  • Wash off gluey fingers, gluey table and gluey scissors and wonder how on earth you spread the smallest blob of glue over the widest area possible?
  • Seriously consider another visit to the kettle for a second mug of tea - steady the nerves etc.
  • Remove clip from hoop and realise that none of the glue originally intended to hold the yarn down got there - see above re: fingers/table and scissors...

  • Make that second brew...to allow second blob of glue to dry...
  • Return, start wrapping the coloured yarns over the neutral yarn.
  • Add colours as you please - and yes this did please me :)
  • Trim off excess as you go along.
  • Carefully ensuring that you don't snip the wrong thread causing it to unravel as you work your way round.
  • Re-wrap the unravelled yarn. 
  • When finally wrapped - seriously consider a lie down at this point.
  • Choose the yarn for the web centre - realise that the cat would like to have some input and choose her own colours...I like this one she told me.

  • Refuse cat's colour choice, watch her take ball of yarn off and hide it in 'her' favourite box.
  • Wipe blood off fingers after trying to retrieve said yarn and allow cat to keep it.
  • Swear (optional).
  • Start wrapping spider's web centre.
  • Forget to thread on beads.
  • Unwrap centre, thread on beads.
  • Start again.
  • Wrap, wrap and wrap.

  • Start feeling a teensy bit pleased with how it is going (whilst blatantly ignoring the slightly squiffy web developing).
  • Notice the lopsided round shape.
  • Squish hard to make round.
  • Fail.

  • Start adding pretties to the base, eyelash yarn and beads.
  • Be ably assisted by cat...Try this one she kept telling me, try that one....
  • Sigh
  • Finally, finally after much faffing and cat supervision, hang up your dreamcatcher, step back and try to take photos - only to find that, that rarest of commodities in the uk at the moment - sunshine - is thwarting your efforts.
  • Close curtains - wonder if neighbours are wondering what you are upto.
  • Take more pictures.
  • Re-open curtains and see that the sun has gone again.
  • Smile.

Feel that chuffty with one's self feeling again - skippity skip :)

I didn't have any suitable feathers and was not prepared to spend any monies when I have all sorts of crafting bits 'n bobs crying out to be used.
I used an already existing mini-catcher as the hanger with the final mini-hoop in the centre of my larger hoop.

Beads - stash
Threads/yarns - stash
Dragon flies - gifted
Happiness rating - Chest wide grin level :)


  1. ***Wipe blood off fingers after trying to retrieve said yarn and allow cat to keep it*** ..... that made me laugh out loud... so many times have I done that here with yarn/thread and a cat who wants to 'help'

    A friend of mine used an old wooden embroiders hoop to make hers I seem to remember, no DH help needed she said as he rolls his eyes at her artistic creations lol

    Well done, hope the cat scratches are not too sore!


  2. Brilliant! Made me laugh and brightened up my day.

  3. It's fab well done you. The cat photos made me giggle x

  4. DreamCATcher has turned out very well, in spite of, or may because of all the help you got from Pepper!! Looks lovely with the light behind it in the window. xx

  5. It looks great, I am sure they were meant to be made with whatever you have to hand the eyelash yarn looks perfect and it is always satisfying to make something from your stash.

  6. This is a neat dream catcher. Loved your post. It made me laugh out loud, especially at the glued fingers and the rewrapping of the yarn. Sounds like me. The cat had some great ideas. *smile*

  7. Sounds as though it was quite a job to make, but well worth it in the end. So cute that your cat wanted to join in!! xx

  8. Lovely dreamcatcher. The cat seems to love it too

  9. Lovely and makes me think of my late cats, as they loved helping with all sorts of things, namely my quilts and knitting. Think I'd like to try one, but probably not creative enough. Thanks for taking us on your adventure. Take care.

  10. brilliant. and so kind of kitty to help so much xxxx

  11. You are so lucky to have a little helper... I usually end up doing stuff all by myself! This post made me smile a lot; thanks; keep them coming!

  12. Very creative! I love to see how involved your cats are! So cute!

  13. I laughed at the bit about the glue being everywhere except where it should be ..... that's my usual experience with glue too (especially when I stick my fingers together with superglue!)

  14. I do like your dreamcatcher, especially the colours you've chosen. How lovely to have help from your feline friends. My cat likes to sit and watch very closely when I make things. I've made dreamcatchers from those circular hoops of wire that come from old light fabric shades - they're a perfect circle, so no bending is involved.
    Cathy x


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