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In which I make a cake

Y'know when you have that urge to bake something but all your regular recipes just..don't..reach..that..spot?

 What do you do?

I knew that Himself was wanting a fruit cake of some sorts (the biggest clue had been him purchasing one of those mini slabs of *supermarket fruit cake* and mournfully eating it in the kitchen whilst waiting for the kettle to boil...)  I knew I had to do something!
Fortunately I'd some mixed fruit left over from the chrimbly cake and we always have spices in the cupboard, so I decided on a tea-bread style fruit cake. 
Once the fruit was soaking (in a strong black chai tea) I had a fettle around in the baking cupboard to see what else I had lurking ...oats... flour ... sunflower seeds... and an idea began to form...  
The house soon had a warm and spicy scent about it and Himself who'd been outside washing my car (another reason to make him a cake) wandered in with a very interested/hopeful look on his face. 
It turned out really well - a moist fruity cake that was just perfect with a mug of tea ... yum.

So, what was in the cake?
Well - are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin ...

Stick the kettle on and make yourself two mugs of tea - one for you to drink while you are baking and the other (brewed very strong) for the fruit cake. Switch on your oven and pre-heat it to 180 deg C.

Ok - you will need:

130gm mixed fruit (or sultanas/raisins etc)
1 tea bag (something that will give you a dark and rich full tea flavour) - to make a large mug with freshly boiled water.

Soak your fruit in the black tea, stir around once or twice, then weigh out ...

100gm rolled oats
120 gm brown sugar

Add this to your soaking fruit, stir in well and leave about 10ish minutes. While you are waiting, start to weigh out ...

30gm sunflower seeds (or nuts/omega mix/pumpkin seeds)
100gm plain flour
1 rounded tsp baking powder
1 flat tsp EACH of your favourite warm spices, I used ginger, cinnamon as well as ...
1/2 tsp freshly grated nutmeg (with my new favourite toy - thanks Mom!!!)
1/4 tsp fresh finely ground black pepper (yes black pepper! although this part is optional but does come recommended if you like your cake to have a little bit of a bite.)

Stir all the ingredients into the oat mix then ...

Chop one apple (I left the skin on) and chuck into the mix. Stir well to ensure a good distribution of the fruit chunks.

Spoon your cake mix into a lined loaf tin and bake at 180deg C for approx 45 minutes. I did 40 mins then the 'skewer test' and it was still a little doughy.  That extra five minutes was all it needed.

Did I mention it was yum? Well it was! 

We ate it while it was still gently warm with a fresh mug of tea and there was a fair bit of mmhhmmmming and chewing with eyes closed. 


You betcha!

PS - I have a little crafty Ta-Da to share soon - just waiting for daylight to take 'photos xxx


  1. My goodness I can almost smell that cake!

  2. Might use that recipe. I've been hankering after a bit of fruitcake for a while now and seem to have most of those ingredients. Thanks. x

  3. It looks good, I haven't made a fruit cake for ages as I didn't get round to making a Christmas cake. I want some cake now! xx

  4. I'm sure I could smell it cooking from here! Himself definitely deserved that cake if he washed your car. Glad the nutmeg grater is loved, mine is and I've had it more years than I can remember - 20+ xx

  5. Ooh that sounds wonderful! I would have to soak my fruit in something other than black tea, as tea makes me ill, but I am sure it will still work! Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  6. Ooh, thanks, just the kind of cake I love (vegan, too) and it's in the oven baking as I type!

  7. Cake looks delicious. Thanks for the recipe.

  8. It does look very very good. We're still munching away at our christmas cake and I have another smaller one tucked away in a tin on top of my spice box. Next year (this year) I'm not going to make such a big cake for christmas or quite so many, then I'll be able to try making up some different recipes.

  9. I love tea loaf, yours sounds very good indeed! xx

  10. Save me a slice...I'm on my way!

  11. Ooh, that sounds yummy and should keep well even in our moist heat at the moment. May make next week and will let you know how it went down. Thanks and take care.

  12. I can recommend that nutmeg grater too. Had mine about 10 years and I love it. Cake looks fabulous. I bet there is none left!

  13. Now that sounds like my kind of cake ...

  14. It looks delicious! If you don't need to produce the cake there and then, try soaking the fruit overnight in some OJ ..... if I can find the recipe, I'll send it to you!! But of course you had to reward the car-washer (do you think he would come and do mine??!!)


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