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The white stuff

Winter has toyed and played with us, hinting and teasing for some weeks. 
Sending rain and grey overcast skies, 
confusing plants and animals and generally making it very wet and dull.
Until this weekend that is ... The temperature dropped and it snowed.
Not a lot mind you, 
but enough to make the hills all wintery and white
and the upper slopes speckled and dusty.
I had to work Saturday morning - 
unexpectedly asked to fill in 
and as much as I really really did not want to go in, 
there was no reason to refuse the desperate plea.  

It turned out to be an *i.n.t.e.r.e.s.t.i.n.g* day when the computers went down in spectacular fashion.
Never mind - we were kept so busy that time flew by 
and I was soon out on the hills with Himself, Eldest and Girlfriend.
 (Youngest has managed to wangle himself a rather nice Saturday job working with vintage cars - 
he is one very happy young man!)
Wrapped warmly and filled with leek and potato soup we set off out high above Settle.
We followed a simple pathway - we didn't have a lot of time for a long walk
and on the far horizon more snow clouds hung sullenly.
We sat high on a limestone outcrop, 
with tea and fruit cake, 
a perfect antidote for a busy morning
 and a lovely way to gently bring an end to my week off.
Now, sitting in front of the fire, 
with more snow falling outside, 
Himself and the boys are planning a further walk for Sunday - 
I better make sure I wrap up well! I don't 'do cold' well :)


  1. lucky Youngest. I had to drive to Skipton and back through the worst of the snow last night to rescue C. Journey normally takes 40 mintues, took 70! We'll be walking today, she'll be sledding.

  2. Oh, that looks good. An antidote for our heat and although I like wrapping up in the cold, I'd much rather have cooler weather than what we've had lately. Thanks for the lovely photos and hope you stay warm even when out. Take care.

  3. It's just wet here snow possibly tomorrow but sunshine on Tuesday! Ah well nice to dream a bit. I'm glad your son is enjoying his Saturday job it does sound interesting xx

  4. Beautiful. There has been snow on Dartmoor this week. I spotted it in the distance on my drive into work x

  5. Beautiful. There has been snow on Dartmoor this week. I spotted it in the distance on my drive into work x

  6. We have had snow too it's great isn't it! I love it when it snows as it usually brings the sunshine and blue skies rather than the interminable grey we have been having.

  7. Lots of snow here in Greenock too. Love your photographs.

  8. Loved watching the snow falling last night. Everywhere is white. Birds now feeding from window feeder. Lovely pictures, cake looks good too. I love that area where you were walking. Enjoy your walk today, snow will be deeper - may be the sledges will be out! xx

  9. Absolutely beautiful. I love snow! xx

  10. Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I thought I'd return the favour and so glad I did. What a lovely place. Jealous of your snow. We've only had one very half hearted attempt made so far! Am off for a wonder around your blog now. Blessings x

  11. Ŵonderful views of your walk.

  12. Very beautiful, but very brrrrrr!!! The cake and cuppa sound like a wonderful idea! xx

  13. I find the familiar landscape looks so different with a bit of snow on it. I see hills and dips where none used to be! In some ways I would have liked a lot more snow but I am glad it did not linger!


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