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Pom pom pom tiddely pom (a bit of a How-To and Ta-Da! mix up)

Since it is still winter, 
seeing it is still grey and dreich and boring, 
conscious of a lack of colour (apart from soggy green and dank brown) in my garden 
and really feeling the need for a pop of cheerful colour ...
I had a hankering for pom poms! 
After a good rummage in my 'wip 'n left-over box', 
I found a selection of bright and jaunty colours 
(notice my predilection to my favourite shades of anything coastal).
I fancied making a rash of mini pom poms and hanging them from my Pask-tree.  
But due to my need of instant gratification
I had absolutely no intention of doing my pom-pom-tiddely-poms the old fashioned way - 
So I reached for a fork ...
Wrap, wrap, wrap -
 'bout 70 wraps for double knit and 100 wraps for a thinner ply. 
Snip the yarn.
Snip off another length, 
thread on to a tapestry needle and winkle through the middle teeth of the fork.

Tie tightly 
(this is where the acrylic yarn comes into its own - 
wools break too easily but yarn quite happily takes tying and tugging with no complaints)
Slip the pre-pom off the fork - now the best bit starts!
Snip, snip, snip.
Trim, trim, trim.
 Aaaah - happy :) 
It is like holding a calorie free yarn-sweet - *smile*
As I contentedly wrap and snip and trim, 
a cheerfully colourful trail of evidence from pom pom creating forms. 
Even these little snippety bits of waste wool brighten my day :)
Now, time to hang it on my Pask-tree. 
with a thin nylon 'invisible thread'. 
Carefully pushing through the pom pom and out the otherside, 
back in again...
...before tying the ends together...
... then hanging on the branch - 
to give me that desperately needed pop of colour.
Yay- feeling happy. 
Little spots of cheerful colour.
I'd made more than my little tree could hold,
so a small bouquet of pom pom flowers
seemed the perfect answer!
Using wooden skewers, pushed gently through,
no glue needed - 
means I can use both the skewer and the pom poms
 for another project on another day :)

Even better - 
more pops of colour
even more instant gratification
even more happy happy :)
PS - happy? Yup.

Himself was a little doubtful about this mad frenzy of crafting - he had a very quizzical look on his face for most of the afternoon when I was surrounded by a whirl of snipped yarn and a growing pile of pom poms. 

Once they were done - he then saw what I was trying to do, understood and accepted yet another of my little foibles - no wonder I love him so!

How are you coping with this dull and dreary weather? (we are being promised a doozy of a deluge for the next 24 hours - uh oh - better break out the waterproofs again ...)
Have you needed an emergency moment of crafting to make it better?
Have you made anything to cheer you up?

Go on share your stories, I love to hear them and be inspired by your ideas :) and if you feel the need to go for a little pom-pom-tiddely-pom action - let me know, I would love to see what you do with them!

Thank you for your comments about the cake - and yes please frayed at the edge - I would love your OJ version of the recipe :) Sorry Aril and Threads Through my Life - all evidence of cake has been scoffed. Sustainablemum - you could soak your fruit in a fruit juice or a herb tea.



  1. Your pom poms are a lovely splash of fluffy colour, just perfect for jazzing up January! My sister-in-law made lots to decorate her Christmas presents with, and now I've seen yours, I'm tempted to resurrect my pom pom skills.
    Cathy x

  2. Wish I can find my path back to crafting........long story, which I really don't want to go into here
    Julie xxxx

  3. Love the pop of colour those pom poms bring! I always put pom poms on my knitted tea cosies!

  4. A lady at our craft group was making pom poms with a fork, it was new to me.. and now here you are doing the same ... twice in one week and I never knew you could do it that way.
    Happy cheerful little branch.
    Sock wool is giving me pleasure and colour this week.

  5. After being extremely peeved by my brother yesterday I managed to finish the scary part of my cardigan. Till will tell if I've made a good job! Love the pom poms x

  6. Love the pompoms. I enjoy the snip, snip, snip part of it best. xx I needed a one skein pattern to use my Secret Santa wool and found a pattern for a Penny Scarf. So easy I can make it in two nights of TV and so inspiring to make more. I now have them in three different colours to suit different outfits.

  7. Nothing like a bit of colour to cheer things up a bit hey! xx

  8. Your pom poms are lovely and cheerful :) I remember being taught how to make them in Brownies. The old cardboard circles method - so tedious! xx

  9. I like the idea using a fork! That is clever. It gives a happy and fun look!

  10. Oh, gorgeous and what? Another coincidence, as I was browsing an old magazine the night before last, I saw pompoms made with a fork and thought I'd have a go at that after I'd finished the edging on my CAL rug. Now I've seen your quick progress, I'm definitely going to try. Like the bouquet a nd such a clever idea. Take care.

  11. Oooooh they're so lovely! I love your little pompoms! :D

  12. Lovely little pom poms, I bought a pom pom maker before Christmas with which you can make lots of pom poms at once. They have to be all the same colour though. I've yet to try it out.


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