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'How-to' - A brief explanation of the lampshade Ta-Da!

Thank you everyone for your interest in my tri-hare and birch tree lampshade. I was asked by quite a few how I made it and although I did link back to my original one, there are some questions that still need answering.

Sutainablemum asked how I managed to get the different colours - you are correct - I did use different papers. The lighter hare and the birch trees are plain white cartridge.
If you look carefully you can see details of an eye on the lighter hare - that is coz this one was my draft sketch not originally part of the final design. At the last minute I decided to add this creature to my scene as I felt sorry for him. So instead of throwing him away, I carefully taped him above the other two.

The darker hares are cut from brown paper - recycled from packaging. It was very crinkled so once I'd cut them out, I dunked them in water and dried them on the top of the wood burner. This made them lovely and crisp and flat.
Having planned the layout, I cut pieces of sticky-tape, quickly dabbed them onto fabric making them less sticky then taped the cutouts on the inside of lampshade.
The designs don't have to be flat taped - my halloween version had '3D' bats emerging and flying across the wall.

Sara (from elf sufficient) - the lampshade was a DIY store 'nice price' one - I have a friend with the most beautiful (read that as ExPenSIVE) shades with hares and I have coveted them for ages. Doing this makes it sooooooo much more affordable AND I get to change them with the seasons :)

Julie (Julie's Scrapbook) thanks for the link for The Three Hares, it makes for really interesting reading. We used to live in Devon and walked all over Dartmoor.  I almost did mine like that, but seeing I'd originally designed it for just the two and their ears didn't quite match up I kept it as two hares bouncing with the third happily floating above :)

Thank you again every one for your comments - they make me very happy :) If you do have a go at decorating a lampshade - I would love to see it, please could you link it back to me xxx


  1. Very taken by them. I'm on my own tri-hare project at the moment - a linocut. Will be printed once my craft space is up and running.x

  2. Oh my it gets even better - flying bats. I'm so looking forward to Halloween now xx

  3. Thank you for adding the link. Your lampshade is beautiful
    Julie xxxx

  4. If I ever have to buy a lampshade, I will buy one with your project in mind! It is such a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Bit behind on blog reading, but "LOVE" your lampshade. The quick change around is great. Just being able to draw must be a bonus, as I'm hopeless and can manage a stick person and that's about all. Love to see what you'll be up to this year and what changes await the lampshade as the seasons come and go.
    Take care.

  6. Thanks for showing us how to do this!

  7. Those bats are awesome! Thank you so much for answering our questions, and for the mention :)

  8. Beautiful - they get better and better. xx

  9. Thanks lovely! I shall definitely keep my eye out :) xx


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