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...And this is where we had second breakfast ....

In the great tradition of Pooh bear who didn't mind what time of day it was 'elevenses', nor did we.
Let me start at the beginning... once upon a time ...

It all started at 6.30am on a Sunday morning. (yes I did say 6.30am AND Sunday AND morning in once sentence) we all got up to get Youngest to a pre-arranged meet-up with friends who were spending the day at an adventure/paint-ball/woodland/teenager type get together. 
I'd decided that having got up that early, 
we might as well keep going and spend the day in the South Lakes. 
(Although when the alarm went off - I did question my sanity). 
Bleary eyed we ate our (first) breakfast before jumping into the car for our respective adventures.
However, once we'd reach Arnside and despite the mists and cool air, 
I knew we were in for a lovely day. 
We parked alongside Jack Scout Hill, took in the view, tied on our boots and set off. 
I love the majestic silent strength of the yew trees that cover the flanks of the hill.
There were many, many old stumps alongside the pathways, 
ancient reminders of trees from years gone by.
Along the way we discovered a huge den which Eldest was drawn to.
While I inspected the adjacent wood stack,  the differing bark, 
the scent of the sap, the colours of the raw wood.
We dipped off the hill down to the estuary edge, 
took in the scent of the salty air and the sound of gently lapping water.
We found ourselves a bench on the promenade, sat down and watched the sun appear .... and this is where we had second breakfast .... hot cross buns and coffee. Bliss. As we sat and munched, a number of elderly promenaders bumbled past and greeted us, wished us a happy day, asked what we were doing, smiled or waved and pottered on - it was so sweet and so gentle.
Eldest, wiping the crumbs from his face, 
turned and asked 'should we have our lunch now?' 
So we did.
This is for  Tess of 'Driftwood'.

Finally, after eating our lunch rolls and slurping the final bit of our coffee, 
we left the village and turned back up on to the hill, 
following a path up a gorse filled rough slope.
We stopped at a small copse of Scots Pines and gratefully sat in their shade.

We were quite surprised at the warmth of the sun and decided to watch the view appear 
as the clouds cleared,
revealing far distant hills covered in snow.
We took photos and chatted 
when Eldest said 'Should we finish off our lunch?'
So we did....! 
We joked about our double breakfast and double lunch we'd had, 
as we cleared up and set off for the summit of our little hill. 
We had chosen to leave reaching the top to last, allowing the day to clear, 
and as we stood and admired it all - we had to agree, it had been the right thing to do.
Below us was a farm which I took first with a normal setting with my camera....
then with a setting called 'toy town'... amazing.
Behind the farm is a 'Bastle' which is a fortified farm house, 
we decided that once we'd got off the hill, 
we'd drop off our haversacks and take just the cameras for a closer look.
 On the track to the farm, we turned and looked at the hill we'd explored. 
Just look at all the beautiful blue sky!
 Photos taken (many) we returned to the car, happy, sated, ready to return.
One last look of the estuary and the sky.

It was a really good way to spend a Sunday
making me ready for
Monday :)

Hope you had a good weekend,
filled with sunshine
and love
beautiful blue skies


  1. What a lovely adventure you had today. Pooh Bear would have approved of all the 'elevenses' you had!! Your new camera is taking lovely pictures. I especially love the gnarled tree stump.xx

  2. a truly beautiful walk, multiple meals and a boat for me! what a wonderful day xxxx

  3. What an amazing day and I'm so envious. Thank you for taking us too. Have a good week and take care. BTW, did you get my email?

  4. I love that area, it's beautiful isn't it. What perfect weather you had. Double breakfast and double lunch sounds like my kind of day!

  5. It was lovely to see how the sky changed so much during your day.

  6. Absolutely stunning photos!!

  7. Gosh a very early start, but we'll worth it, you deserved the double breakfast and lunch! xx

  8. Looks like you had wonderful weather for your excursion. I should think that a second breakfast is obligatory if you've got out at 6.30 on a Sunday morning. Such lovely scenery, glad you had a good walk.
    Cathy x

  9. Absolutely beautiful, I just love the trees. They look majestic. Glad you hobbits had such a good day xx

  10. I love reading about your family outings :-}
    Clearly you are all taking your training as Hobbit-interns very seriously!

  11. So worth getting up so early on a Sunday morning for, such an amazing walk!

  12. Wonderful pics and story, you had a great day! Seems like you went miles ;-). Thanks for sharing! Sunny greetings, Nata xxx

  13. My thoughts have been expressed by the previous comments; just love the old tree stump.

  14. I am totally envious! Wish I had a beautiful place like this to walk. Seeing the water is a huge plus. Definitely worth to wake up very early for that. Love the photos. Thank you!


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