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Scavenge photo-hunt challenge while walking

Eldest and I challenged each other to a photo-hunt challenge today - we each selected five things (giving us a total of ten items) to find.  We didn't find all ten but we certainly had fun gettting the ones we did!

We decided to interpret the subject as we pleased - see what you think :)

Me - Sign post - we'd just walked from Newfield when I spotted this one - a quick snap as there was a car parked alongside with a couple of curious occupants.
Eldest - when we first arrived and pulled up and parked alongside the small stream, Eldest noticed a clutch of duck eggs tucked into the grass. He was rather pleased with himself.

Eldest - saw this rusty tractor languishing forgotten in a field. Poor thing :( I always feel sorry for abandoned farm machinery).
Me - rusty wire wrapped around a rusty pipe 

Me - a mini Zen garden growing along a concrete wall

Eldest - a macro shot giving the impression of a woolly green carpet

Eldest - a part of our walk was around a working quarry with plenty of warning signs -  a plethora of triangles were on offer.
Me - on leaving the quarry zone, we spotted this final warning sign - my turn for a triangle :)

Me -This turned out to be harder than we thought, I'd almost given up when I spotted this one.

Me - again, almost defeated by this item.  However, when we stopped in a small wooded area to shelter from the weather and eat some lunch - I noticed this tree  'watching' me!

Me - Despite the sharp showers during the walk (where we both refused to bring our cameras out) we didn't actually find any droplets. That is until as we were driving home, I suddenly noticed the rain drops on the window - quickly I snapped before the droplet flew off.

Eldest - he was absolutely delighted when he spotted these,  they were quietly growing in a stone wall, whereas, I was so tired by this point failed to see them:)

In between the showers and the photos, we managed to do a walk and nearly 16km later we got back to the car I was so glad to get my boots off - phew, don't think I could have walked much further today!


  1. It looks like you had a good long walk, and the scavenger hunt is such a fun idea. I love the close-up of the moss.
    Cathy x

  2. What a great challenge you shared. Love it and maybe you could start something there. My trouble is that I don't know anyone else who actually likes snapping, except of course, my bloggy pals. Have a good week and take care.

  3. what fun! a wonderful long walk and gorgeous photos and something special between the two of you x

  4. I think the result should be declared a draw as there were excellent photographs and original interpretations of all your words by both of you. Well done. ❤ xx

  5. What good fun - I shall have to organise this my son the next time I see him. I love the rusty photos!

  6. Such a good idea for a photo competition. I will have to try this by myself as Beloved would not 'play'!!!!

  7. What fun, and great pictures too.

    How did you come up with the list?

  8. brilliant idea, hope you don't mind if we pinch it :-)


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