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How time flies ...

...Previously on...

Me: 'What do you want to do for your birthday?'
Eldest: 'Nothing special'
Me: 'Do you want something different to eat or to go out or...?'
'No, nothing special ...unless..'
'Go on'
'Errr - Fondue?'
'Ok - fondue it is then'

So, a fondue it was on Friday evening. Complete with the usual shenanigans between boys (ALL boys of ALL ages) how is it when my family get together all the boys instantly revert to naughty teenagers (I am looking at you Dad!) Mind you my brother and Himself were no better :) 

But it all made it a rather fun evening.  There was the usual accusations of 'theft' when fondue forks were 'accidently' taken and the morsels eaten and there was the usual out of control and breathless giggles from my mom and *whispers a confession* me too! 

The type of laughter that renders you incapacitated with tears rolling down reddened cheeks. We can get giddy and high on life and laughter.
Earlier in the day,Youngest painstakingly made nine origame serviettes - cranes, dragons, owl, cat and elephant for the table. It kept him quiet for nearly an hour, that, when I passed him a mug of tea and piece of cake halfway through he was so engrossed in his creating that he barely noticed! 

The table, originally groaning under food, was eaten practically bare and we retreated to the lounge to sit around the woodburner to chat while Himself and my brother nailed the washing up and my mom and fav sis-in-law put the finishing touches to Eldest's birthday request - a pavlova. Not just any pavlova but a Meringue Tranche complete with 18 candles.My mom is a Mary Berry Super-fan)

Youngest started to light the candles...
...but soon looked to need assistance...
Sis-in-law joined in......
Soon, my mom lend a hand to light the rows of candles...
Then Eldest did the honours and blew ... it was a rather special moment:)

Thank you everyone who made this evening so special,
I know that Eldest enjoyed his birthday,
as did we:)

Before I press submit - just a quick hello to my new follower - welcome to my little corner of the world :) and just in case any one was wondering who's laptop/tablet/computer I am using ...It's MINE ... all MINE   Mwahahahahahaha!!

Oops sorry - not sure what happened there! (note to self - show some restraint when discussing the return of the laptop).


  1. Now that sounds like a night to remember and glad everyone had a good time. The pavlova looked incredible. Well done "MUM". Have a good week and take care.

  2. I'm reading this Sunday morning and was wondering if any of that fab pavlova was left over???? I suppose not. Sounds like you had a great, more memories, filled time. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Restraint....naaah....honesty is the way to go! x

  4. It was a splendid evening, super food, lots of fun (yes I own up to a fit of breathless giggles and I am glad to see you have inherited the ability to do that too!!) and I agree that all boys become teenagers when together!! ♥♥
    The serviettes were brilliant, well done youngest.♥♥ xx
    PS Welcome back laptop. Hope you are completely well and fit again! ♥♥

  5. Wow that is a great 'cake'. It sounds like a perfect evening. I love that kind of laughter totally unfunny to any one who wasn't there but utterly hilarious if you were ;)

  6. What a wonderfu sounding birthday!! I am so glad you all had a riotous time!! That pavlova is a work of art!!!Xx

  7. Whau! What a beautiful table with lots of gorgeous food!! Happy belated birthday to your son. I have a March baby as well! I have never heard of Pavlova, will have to look that up in the net. It sure looks good. The origame work looks wonderful!

  8. Happy birthday to Eldest! Love the origami and the food looks amazing. Yay to you for getting your laptop back!!!!

  9. sounds like a wonderful celebration! x

  10. Happy Birthday Eldest and wow Mom what a huge pavlova

  11. Glad you are now on your own laptop! Yours, all yours!!! Fabulous birthday party for your eldest, wonderful dessert! xx

  12. What a wonderful birthday celebration ...... can I book you and your helpers to do my birthday in October!!

  13. That is a really fabulous birthday pavlova!

  14. I love a good old retro fondue. The recipe I use is stock rather than oil and the stock afterwards makes a delicious soup. It's a great meal for slow eating and catching up round the table.

  15. Happy Birthday wishes to your new adult in the family = that's a handsome looking cake.

  16. It's taken me a while to leave a comment on this because every time I read it things get all choked up and teary eyed.

    What an absolutely glorious account of a real, loving family get-together. Kudos to you and Himself for giving Eldest and Youngest such a wonderful family life, and to your Mum and Dad for doing the same so that you could pass it down. Big huggles to you all :-}

  17. Belated Happy Birthday to your eldest! All the best. Looks like you had a great time all together :-). This kind of pavlova is new to me, what a funny cake and perfect for such birtdays! Thanks for the link, and thanks as well for your nice comment on my bunnies :-). Have a wonderful weekend! Nata xxx

  18. happy birthday Eldest (very belated) Looks like you had a wonderful time. Well done Youngest, the origami serviettes were wonderful. Well done Mary Berry fan mum, the meringue looked very yummy, mouth watering as I type. Hope you are all ok.


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