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It's snow fun with snow laptop!

Morning my dears!

I am at home (partly planned and partly enforced) I'd wangled the Friday off so that I could blitz the house and get ready for a certain rather important birthday bash (hint - Eldest has just turned 18 - gah where has the time gone???) when the weather gods decided to hurl a bucket of snow at us and (change that to several buckets) the schools and local roads have been closed.

So I have two teensloths draped on the lounge furniture with their eyes and fingers attached to some sort of mobile device, two cats huddled up by the fire and a husband who managed to dig his car out and slip his precarious way to work.  How plans change in a blink of a weather-god's eye!

My ideas of tidying the house, collecting my much-better-and-ready-to-come-home laptop, spending some solitary me time have all gone **** up and I have already had to stem a momentary wave of manic laughter.

I am using Eldest's laptop as blogging on the tablet is not a pretty thing - it did take a bit of persuasion - to include a 'sad-mummy' face and steaming hot mug of coffee bribe and a cheerful - 'guess what?? It Is A Snow Day!' So while he is perusing his mobile and slurping coffee I am quickly tapping away at a working keyboard.

So, what has happened while I have been away - well I have missed you lot and could spend a happy morning catching up but I best not (especially as Eldest keeps looking at his laptop longingly and making deep sighs and vague remarks in a 'are you nearly finished yet' vein...)

It is a funny thing - a teenager's birthday - it brings back all sorts of memories from a long-away time and country, of hotter climates and hotter times.  18 years has been a lifetime (for him) and a blink of an eye for us, as Himself and I contemplated how much has happened and how very little has changed.

Life is like that. The day to day 'living' often seems to get in the way of doing things, following up plans and dreams and suddenly you remember that years ago you had this amazing idea over time things that seemed so important or desirable have become less so or less achievable. Makes you aware of your own mortality.

When you are younger - life is an impending and exciting challenge with so much 'out there' to sample but now I look back I realise that over the grand scheme of things - life is more of a gentle roller-coaster with the occasional sharp bump or deep dip that over time fade to a minor irritant or niggle.

How ordinary.

Woah! Where did that come from? If this monologue is a result of irregular and snatched blogging moments then the moral of the story is 'blog more and blog often' ..... just not right now - Eldest has now sat next to me and sighed rather loudly, don't think I can ignore that hint.

Well, weather permitting I shall try and rescue my laptop sometime over the next few days and then give back Eldest his laptop and Youngest his tablet. Then all will be right in the universe!

'til then,

speak soon xxxxxxx


  1. Time flies by frighteningly fast. I too remember that night 18 years ago, sitting up as the hours ticked by waiting for that important phone call. It was worth the wait as watching the little 'sprog' grow up into a wonderful young man we are both so proud of has been a privilege.♥♥

  2. Happy 18th to your eldest! And would you send some snow down our way? We're bored of the wet drippy stuff ;) xx

  3. My baby boy will be 38 in September ....... how did that happen, when I am still 29!!

  4. That was very thought provoking and yes where does time go. Hubby will be 68 next week and I'm not too far behind. Our girls will be 44 this year. Ouch! No.3 will be 40 and No4 just turned 38. (sudden thought) Our granddaughter is older than your eldest. Oh does that make me feel old? Thanks Kate(lol) Happy birthday to eldest, have a great weekend and all take care. (above) Awaiting that first granchild is a thrill, isn't it.

  5. Ah, weather, funny thing that it is - not a single flake of white stuff over here. Was quite surprised to turn on TV last night and see how the Pennines had suffered.

    Your para: The day to day 'living' often seems to get in the way of doing things, following up plans and dreams and suddenly you remember that years ago you had this amazing idea over time things that seemed so important or desirable have become less so or less achievable. Makes you aware of your own mortality.

    is one that will stay with me for ages. Beautiful words, wish I had penned them. So very true.

    Happy birthday to Eldest, bet of luck with all the celebratory stuff.

  6. I empathise with your plight but from a slightly different perspective...computers and tablets all in fine fettle however broadband if it were a pet would have been humanely destroyed by now! Engineer coming Monday...It's only because we have had so much trouble with it over the years here that I have mobile internet on my iPad...quite an expense but necessary when doing business paperwork. x

  7. happy birthday to your eldest! mine will be 18 this year. I am truly wondering how that can be x

  8. Happy Birthday to you eldest. Time does have a habit of passing rather quickly doesn't it. Blogging is a good way of recording those small things that the passing of time lets us forget.

  9. Welcome back; missed you loads. Eldest 18,,,,, but what a lovely young man he has become (no doubt with some input from you and Himself!). Times passes too quickly these days, oh so quickly.

  10. Happy Birthday to your eldest! I hope that normal life has resumed for you! xx


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