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June's scavenger photo hunt pictures

Last month I had another guest word supplier - my eldest son, who rattled off a quick fire list. He was so quick that I just typed down the words. Then I checked them - he had repeated a couple words from previous months so with a bit of thought they were replaced.

However, I missed yellow ... but Jayne-eagle-eyes from The view from Bag End quickly spotted that! Even reminding me which month it had been (ok ok - brownie points for that one in the post!! chuckle xx) The funny thing is - I am not even keen on the colour! So, as a 'desensitising' exercise for me - here is LOTS of yellow (just for Jayne coz I love her xx)

Starts with a T

Tongue! Our dilly dog, when napping after a run out, falls asleep with her tongue sticking out.....

Not going for the obvious - especially as I pruned my lilac rather enthusiastically and I suspect it won't flower this year - however, it's new clipped shape is FaBulOus! So, here for your lilac delight -  a close up of an allium, in the right shade, happily flowering away - they have done so well this year.

Starts with a G
Years ago, when my boys were small, Youngest was given a craft box complete with a garden gnome and a set of paints. He carefully painted the gnome, then gave it to me. I treasure him.

He now, resplendent in his faded colours, stands in the greenhouse watching over my vegetables.

My birthday was at the beginning of June and my dear Himself gave me a silverclay kit - it took me three weeks to build up the courage to actually make my first piece. After a few false starts and mini panics - I made a silver hawthorn leaf. Definitely something I want to do again - can only get better with each attempt! (this image is at the silverclay slip stage - still grey and wet).

My own Choice
This is a merry-go-round book case. I have it now, but it has been a loved piece of furniture with at least three of my friends over the last few decades. It shows it's years beautifully, the scratches and dints in the wood only add to the charm. It has, however, always had a delicate background scent of machine oil and I have only recently found out that one of it's many owners had it in a machinery workshop to keep his tools safe. I love knowing it's history - makes it all the more interesting. I suspect the bookcase has found it's forever home with us.

There, that is June wrapped up - off to see what you lovely lot have been up to ! xxxx


  1. What a lovely set of stories and pictures. I love the gnome best but there again there is that tongue.......xx

  2. Good morning lovely girl. Sorry about spotting the yellow thing!

    As usual, a stunning set of images, very hard for me to select a favourite, so I won't :)

    Sorry but I won't join in this month. I have decided to stay focussed on sorting out my backlog of garden pictures so that I can 'play' with my photo memories from another trip to Scotland. xx

  3. There are so many yellow wild flowers. Hard not to like them just a little. 😊. Hugo has simular pose to Moss right now. Lovely alium and well done on the silver leaf. X

  4. Well it seems I'm 'to blame' eldest for all the indecision I've had to deal with, especially yellow! But it was a good game. I do hope you keep that lovely bookcase forever, it is wonderful. It also happens to be my favourite photo, closely followed by Lilac.

  5. Your gnome is all the more delightful because he is clearly faded and much loved, a bit like my own children's teddies. Tongue is such a great idea for T, I can well imagine that in this current hot spell there are an awful lot of dogs currently looking like that.

  6. Oh Moss you are a one, very strange we have just erected 2 bookcases in our lounge and I was going to use it as my choice, however no where near as magnificent as yours .However,ours are full of books now. My other half did a silver clay day a few years ago , he did think he would carry on but needless to say he didn't. I love the leaf you have made so realistic. Yellow is not my favourite colour either but I do love sunflowers. The alium is so lovely ,I need to grow some of those. The favourite has to be the cheery gnome complete with cobwebs. All in all a great choice.xx

  7. How wonderful! I love tongue and your treasured gnome. The bookcase photo is great it had me foxed for a while like one of those persepective illustrations and them all of a sudden I saw what it was. the slver leaf is very pretty:)

  8. I absolutely love the gnome - does he have a name? He has lots of character about him. The sliver clay looks interesting, I've always fancied trying it. Love the bookcase, the light looks like showers of water, which I thought it was when I first saw it.

    Julie xxxxxx

  9. Love the dogs tongue for T. I have one of those gnomes that my youngest made. Such memories, such treasures.

  10. A great gnome and love the hawthorn silver clay leaf. I know a man that has his tongue poking out sometimes when he sleeps, its not just a dog thing!!!

  11. Your bookcase had me foxed - I couldn't figure out what it was at first - you've captured the light brilliantly. I love your yellows - one of my favourite colours and the allium is smashing. But although I normally can't stand gnomes, when they have a story all of a sudden they take on a personality - definitely something to be treasured and he's for sure my favourite.
    Thanks again Kate for keeping on hosting this challenge:) Have a lovely weekend - isn't this sunshine wonderful!

  12. Lovely photos Kate & as I'm only just back on-line & I've a lot of catching up to do. I do think it funny that we both had gnomes, but for entirely different words. I'm also not a big fan of yellow, but chose flowers too. My favourite is probably Moss, as it is so different. Take care & have a good week.

  13. Lovely collection but the gnome has to be my favourite!


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