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Oak to Holly - Solstice blessings

Good morning.

Solstice blessings,
may you fall in love with life 
and the sun shine on you today xx
My garden is gently rattling
to the buzz and hum
of the bumblebees and hoverflies
A heady scent drifts down the path
and into the house,
the climbing roses have
woken up with perfect timing.
Despite the cool early morning air
I have opened the doors,
letting in the outside as much as possible. 
It will be hard concentrating today,
I know I will keep looking out of the studio windows,
keep wandering through the garden. 
In places, after yesterday's rain,
the garden is still damp with jewel-like water diamonds,
each one catching the light and reflecting back.
It is a precious time of year -
celebrating mid summer,
celebrating Litha,
watching the bees
May the sun shine for you today. 


  1. Blessings Be to you too.xx

  2. Away at present, but blessings from my (four wheeled) house to yours :). xx

  3. Lovely post Kate & the photos of your beautiful lush garden. Thanks & blessings to you from Oz, where we have our shortest day of the year. Take care & huggles.

  4. Your garden pictures are really lovely. Enjoy your day and the coming weekend. Supposed to be a Summery one. 😎

  5. Blessings to you also. As Susan has said today we celebrated our Winter Solstice - it was a bright sunny but cold day here in Melbourne. It's good to relive the summer season by looking at the beautiful photos of the flowers in your garden - especially the last one. A Shasta Daisy looking as if it is suspended in mid air.

  6. Solstice blessings to you too Kate, and thank you for your kind words. X

  7. Lovely post. I see you also have Astrantia. We thought they were weeds when we first moved here, so glad we didnt remove them.

  8. Blessings of the solstice to you too Kate - beautiful beautiful photos. I'm enthralled:)

  9. Many blessings to you Kate

  10. Lovely post; great photos and words. A bright start to my day! Thanks.

  11. Lovely pictures and words. Garden looking lovely. Xx

  12. Your garden looks wonderful.


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