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Life can be filled with sunshine

Thank you for your comments on my rather 'pinball type' day - not one of my finest but one that mirrors my life in general .... sigh. I am hoping this week will be a shade more organised. (But don't hold your breath..!)
I had a story to share, but in the time I had it tumbling around inside my head and me downloading images from over the last couple of days ... the story tumbled down in to a crevice so deep - I've lost it. So, I thought I might waffle gently in case it decides to reappear...
The last few days have been sultry and warm - a slow deep penetrating warmth that my bones have relished. The air has been thick and close with calescent humid top notes - I absolutely love it.
Listening to the bumble bees swim through the slow air and rattle their wings in the garden flowers while the swifts enjoy screaming parties over head has made me smile. A slow satisfied smile. 
I have spent most of my gardening bare foot - relishing in the cool damp grass between my toes. Sitting on an old mat weeding between the flowers, delighting at finding new buds opening, I am close to the soil - so good for my soul.
Today - Sunday - we ate breakfast in the garden, while the air was still cool and damp from the rain we'd had late Friday evening. The welcome wild water filled the barrels and fattened my plants. They are looking very content, shimmering and rattling with the insects visiting and feasting.
This evening, after a full and productive day doing jobs that had waited longer than they should, we walked up to recreation ground. Moss was so keen and pulled ahead. Up on the hill top there was a lovely breeze, warm and amiable it tickled the cow parsley heads making them nod and sway.
 We walked back through the lanes stopping at the river to allow a warm and huffing dog to wallow and splash.

So, despite not having much to say - I seem to have waffled on a bit. Hope your week is good and that the sun shines for you xxx


  1. Lovely Kate & funny, even thought it is cold here, I noticed cow parsley in full flower on the roadside yesterday whilst out in the car. I too keep thinking about blog posts in my head, but just don't seem to have the motivation to put fingers to keyboard. Maybe tonight I'll do a post........... I love your paintings so far for 30days wild. Take care, have a good week & take care.

  2. The sunshine feels so good and I'm loving these long, drawn out days allowing for evening walks breathing in the soft warm air. Long may it last. X

  3. Glorious June, lovely pictures. If I gardened bare footed I would be certain to be stung by something.

  4. This a quick PS: Have a great Monday. xxx

  5. Love your waffle. Your words are like a painting.

  6. Waffling is good. So are the endless days of warmth, and light. and absolute loveliness.
    After a long, cold, dreary, miserable, did I mention really long? winter, this period of constant sunshine and stable weather is an absolute joy. I know it will not last so I'm treasuring each and every single day.

  7. Please keep calm and waffle on! Love your photos. Now I know you like a laugh so here is one for you on me. I think, after owning my third digi camera for over 5 years, that I've worked out how to use the Focus button... I did read about it but.... as you know I not known for my reading ability....

  8. Wonderful waffling, love the close up of the aquilegia.
    Big news here .... we are already harvesting strawberries from the community orchard allotment plot and its not even mid June ... it was fabulous to see the children picking them and taking them home to eat. My granddaughter and I enjoyed ours, they were so tasty with a dollop (isn't that a lovely word?) of ice cream.

  9. I too loved the picture of the aquilegia. Yes, we must enjoy the lovely sunny days, just in case they are the last. xx


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