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Sunset at The Old Oil Prospecting Road

In the badlands somewhere 'wild north west' (uk), there are rolling hills and vast plains where native birds shriek and soar on the swirling breeze.
A lonely road laid down years ago winds deeper and deeper into the seemingly barren and rugged expanse.
Each step we take kicks up dust as the dog runs on ahead, scouting for water*. All around us the sea of grass swells and falls beneath the cutting evening breeze. 
A lonely oasis fringed by irises and moorland grasses is a welcome gift for a thirsty dog**. As she quenches her dust dry dog throat, I scan the horizon and see the rocky outcrop where we are heading.
The trail stops and we leave step on to tussocky ankle-twisting grasses and stumble across a moorland plain.
Overhead the sky turns from a clear bright blue to a softer shade with slender slivers of gold and silver cloud slicing through.
The jutting milstone grit boulders loom stoutly as we reach them - their dark weather warn sandstone flecked with quartz. It is a relief to shelter against them, feeling the reflected warmth from the day's sun as we escape the chill breeze.

Himself opens the chuck wagon and breaks into the rations - tea and lemon drizzle cake for all the trail hands. Biscuits for the trail hound.
The more surefooted trail crew explored the stones, while I tracked the moon, capturing it between the rough rocks and behind Himself.
Then it is time to return, before it is too dark to see, we retrace our steps through the stretch of moorland grasses back to the track.
Stopping at the centre where the nodding donkey would have stood - in the days of oil prospecting.
We continue - the eerie cries of the birds carry on the wind echoing around us. The sky turning to honey.
So - instead of an oil rush - we found gold - a more beautiful and glorious gold in them thar hills.

*Moss, although a pure bred border collie thinks she is a Labrador in disguise - she loves swimming and will actively run on ahead to find that all essential river or pond to leap into.
** Youngest always carries a bottle of water and a bowl for the dog, so don't worry, no thirsty dogs were harmed in the making of this evening walk
***There really was oil prospecting in our neck of the moorlands woods - In 1962 the Continental Oil Company of Texas was granted permission to drill for oil in the area and this road is the one they built to reach the site.

Now you know!


  1. Oh, lovely Kate, what a walk. So glad they didn't find the oil, otherwise it would all be spoiled.
    Have a good week & see you Friday. Take care.

  2. I think you found the best kind of gold on your walk. You've captured the evening so beautifully Kate. X

  3. Presumably and thankfully I guess no oil was found.
    That Sunset!

  4. A wonderful walk, and in this heat first and last thing is the time to go.

  5. Lovely! Was that Pendle Hill in the golden background? Glad you didn't encounter any pesky Indians on your trail. Pity you did not see any bison......

  6. Lovely images. That is the sort of landscape I love.

  7. A good walk, to refresh body and spirit

  8. I'd rather have your golden adventure than a coin or two.

  9. A gorgeous walk in some gorgeous countryside. You found your pot of gold. 😊. X

  10. Wagons Roll!! Glad you did not meet any Injuns!! xx

  11. It's so nice to go out for long walks. Here in the US we are always worried about ticks from the grass. They transmit diseases that are hard on the body. Nature is generous where you live, beautiful all around.

    1. Oh we have ticks here too, also causing disease. Deer, sheep and wild rabbits all carry them. But it is a risk you take when walking out, but it is one I happily take!


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