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Racing the winds

Yesterday blew old air away and brought in a fresher cooler feel.

Yesterday - I wrap my arms tightly around my bag as I am blown down the garden path. The cats run on ahead, ears flat to their heads and whiskers fly around their faces. we reach the gate, the dog pushes it open and we tumble through.
Still being buffeted about, all four of us head for the shelter of my studio. One cat submerges herself in the undergrowth - vanishing from sight, while the other looks accusingly at me as I fumble with the key - her tail flips up and over her back while her fur ripples like blown wheat across a small and furry field.

Door open we fall in - relief. Leaves and pine needles follow too - seemingly they have had enough of the wind and try to escape along with us.

I shut the door, Pepper falls upon her emergency-in-the-studio-biscuits - it has been a long 30 seconds since her last feasting. Moss seeks the sanctuary of her bed-box - relieved to be out of the wind. Pan merges with the garden and relishes being 'at one with the wind and the sky' and has become a 'wildthing'.
Brushing my hair out of my eyes as I watch the garden twist a tortured swaying dance to the tune of Storm Hector. My alliums stretching to their full length - their pompom heads acting as sails catch the wind and decide to lie horizontal. My eye is caught by the large conifer my studio hides behind. He sways a slow and ponderous movement and I wonder briefly (before I quickly push that thought out) if he fell, how much my studio would lift as his rootplate tore out of the ground. I ask him gently if he could remain windfirm, only swaying to Hector's music and not taking a tumble.
fuzzy photo - thanks Hector for bumping into me

My head is full of ideas I want to put on slate, wood or paper so arming myself with a mug of tea, a paintbrush and a cat on my lap - I start.
A border collie start to emerge off the brush, a hare is mesmerised by a golden sunset, sheep appear on the grassy fields, rustic wooden signs take on life. (and yes, I do paint several things at the same time - so at any one moment I can have up to 6 or 7 paintings waiting for the next step).
There is a constant change over of cats - they go in and out of the studio, fortified by biscuits, invigorated by the blustery air they keep themselves busy. The wind has put the birds off so I don't worry that Pepper will attempt 'a rescue' of any fledglings as they flutter around the garden.

My day flies as fast as the wind and soon it is time to round up the girls and usher them back inside, they are reluctant to go however, as soon as we are home - the cats find somewhere to nap and the dog stretches out on the carpet. We are all blustered out. Hector however is still full of energy and blows on.
Gentle reminder that you are more than welcome to join in our Scavenger Photo Hunt - the list of words is always at the top right of my blog and it will always have the posting date.
There are some equally gentle rules - the photos do not have to be current, they can be something from your archives and we try to 'look out of the box', so if the word is 'SPRING' it can mean ... for example ...

  1. A coiled rusty spring from an old tractor
  2. The season of spring - so could be lambs or daffodils
  3. A source of water - a well
  4. A movement or action - springing into action
  5. A mathematical term - a geometric surface in the shape of a helically coiled tube (don't worry - I had to look this one up!)
  6. Spring tide - as in oceanography, the maximum tide, occurring twice a month during the full and new moon
  7. As part of a name - of a book you have read, a band you like to listen to, a song you love.
So you see - one word means so much to so many different folk - we are spoilt for choice :)

You can join in each month or only when you are inspired, you can be from anywhere, any country, any county - you are more than welcome. All you have do is post your photos, a bit of a story with each one and then add your blog on the 'Link up Party' then we can all come and find you and your post.

Welcome to our little corner of the world xx


  1. A wild wind here too, and this morning the garden is strewn with leaves and broken bits of silver birch. But very little rain.

    As the temperature had dropped we took Daisy to the beach yesterday: we loved the blown-fresh feeling and taste of salt in the air. Little Miss Perfect - not so much!

  2. I love the way you have described Storm Hector so romantically. I'm afraid I did not see him that way. He blew pot plants over, whipped my young beans off their beanpoles, blew rubbish from who knows where.....I particularly liked the half chewed, filthy dirty fairisle mitten that was outside our front door.

  3. When storm H comes ( or maybe next year) I'm coming to your studio to sit it out lol It sounds like much more fun:)

  4. Know exactly how you feel/felt. Also about the number of paintings on the go. One half of my work table is heading towards the roof. But I did a bit on three today and started another.....

  5. The slate plaques look delightful, almost makes me want to name my home just so I could have one. I just wish Hector had brought some rain with him.

  6. It certainly was windy yesterday. Luckily none of our trees 'fell over' but I've picked up 3 large containers's worth of broken twigs and branches... some of my tall plants were quite battered but surveying it all today, it is not too bad. Here's to no more storms, no matter how nice their name is!

  7. The luxury of your own secluded (even if just the other side of the garden)workspace...
    it does feel as if we've left summer behind.

  8. Oh Kate, how descriptive, though you could well be describing here at the moment too. A bitingly cold wind blowing up from Antarctica with rain, lots of snow on the higher peaks and last night here a thunderstorm with tiny hail. Although I've stood on the spot of your studio, I think it must be fun for the "ladies" of the house to have their own space & is definitely a SHE SHED(giggle). Have a lovely weekend, hope Hector abates soon & take care.

  9. Lovely to see how you work, a bit here and there then wait. Your studio sounds idyllic.

  10. I've written the words down this month, so hopefully will be taking part.
    Looing forward to seeing the little bunny pic take shape, I do have a thing for bunnies.


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