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In which I waffle about misty things, crochet things and words x

Thank you everyone who joined in - I apologise for such a 'tardy' link up but {shrugs} with the vagaries of modern life and unreliable internet!

For the time being we seem to have been reconnected - but not sure who with! will find out when the bill lands :D, not going to miss up on the chance to say hello, thank you and waffle a little. It seems ages since I did that.

Thought I'd share yesterday's highs and lows.
The highs?
A rather misty and ethereal walk over the tops to Wycoller and back - incredibly atmospheric, incredibly wet and strangely warm.

And the lows?
My crochet blanket seemed to start so well, I was flying with it - regularly counting the stitches on each row to ensure all was well. Which it was for about 20 or so rows. Then I stopped counting, following the pattern but not the stitch count .... until the blanket was about a metre in height -  so about 58-60ish rows I realised I had lost a stitch or two...ok, better honest....I'd lost twenty (yes 20) somewhere along the line.
I rolled up my 'triangular' work and put in the basket and walked away.

Then the internet took a nose dive. The first day I scribbled and sketched like mad and borrowed the free wifi from the local library however eventually I returned to blanket.

Last night I unpicked over 30 rows - saved all the different colours and wound them up in little cute balls (had to make something positive out of it!) Any hoo, I have returned to the discipline of row/stitch counting and - guess what!? (sigh) it is straight.... lesson learnt.

The more observant will have noticed a new list,  most of the works have a couple of different meanings - so it should be fun to see how you interpret them :)

Here is a reminder - a photo inspired by a word, words inspired by the photo. One from your archives, a freshly snapped one this month - try to think outside the box, we will share and show our photos and stories at the end of the month. Until then xxx

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  1. New words already! You are on the ball. I've got ideas for 3 of them.... Do you mean arm or arch? I know someone's husband is called Mark so I could .... then again I could not!

    As for your blanket, what a shame you had to pull so much of it back. Makes me more determined to count at the end of every row and not become complacent.....

  2. Love your misty pictures and especially the one of the mealie mouthed pony taking it easy! X


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