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Growing up in Africa, as I did, I can only really recall two seasons - hot and not so hot. Some times the hot had rain (lots) and some times it did not. Simple really. Men still wore shorts all year round with their only concession to the slightly less hot season - a pullover which could be taken off by mid morning, when it was too hot.....

Here, in the uk, seasons are slightly more discernible - a cool damp spring sliding into a probable cool damp summer with a brief glorious warm bit which then suddenly transforms into a russet and orange coloured damp autumn followed by a long slow cold and damp (occasionally snowy) winter.
(the sky this morning at 9am, bleugh - just bleugh)
I do miss the sun during winter when the endless grey sky is just that - endless, it can get quite depressing. I long for spring. I want to see buds on the honeysuckle, leaflets on the rowans, I want to see snowdrops quietly filling the dark corners of the garden.

Eldest and I went for a walk in the late afternoon yesterday- not planned to leave setting out so late, but as ever we'd been distracted.  Wrapping up warmly (but not warmly enough to keep out a bitterly cutting wind) we set off up on the lower hills which border the valley our village nestles in. I'd chosen this route as it has been the least muddy recently but a night-full of rain and springs full to bursting had made the long meadow an interesting backwards sliding trudge as we made our way up it.
However, once up on the edge, the view was very rewarding (as long as we had our backs to the breeze). Then it was a race with the sinking sun to return back down along the ridge to the village before fully dark.
A walk does improve my mood, it helps with my SAD and with my 'mindspace' - however, it isn't always easy to persuade myself to get out. When I do drag myself out of my warm home and in to the cold air with a dilly dog - it does do me good. (Well - I keep telling myself that!)

So, as a reward, yesterday evening - I chose some alpaca wool from my stash and am knitting myself a slouchy hat - keeping both the fingers and mind busy and me happy :)

 Cacoon in Alpaca select - 'tweed' and 'charcoal' by La Maison Rililie

 Not sure if it was subliminal but I have just realised the name of the slouchy hat I am knitting - cocoon - how very appropriate for today - needing to be cocooned and kept warm because I've just looked out the window - it is now sleeting. *yay* (updated to now read as .... snowing)

Think I shall go and put the kettle on - hope your Tuesday is full of sunshine 🌞(how ever you make it/find it/hug it/hold it) xxxxxx


  1. Walking does improve the mood & something we've not done enough of lately. I've just done a quick catch up on reading your posts & envy your walks & the nearness of countryside to your home. We'd have to hop in the car & travel a small distance to be able to do that. Look foward to seeing the knitting in progress. Take care.

  2. Still no sunshine here :( I'm wearing my scarf in the house. Thank you, this post has persuaded me to get out for a walk later. X

  3. Making lemon curd always brings a bit of sunshine - Nigel Slater has a good recipe. Lemon Curd cake always works for me too. I bought myself some daffodils at the weekend, precisely because it was all a bit grey and dull. In the garden, Winter Flowering Jasmine (Jasmine Nudiflorum) has lovely yellow flowers and is flowering now.
    Good luck with finding that sunshine!
    Best wishes

  4. I was out walking in the snow today! I offered to look at a friend's sewing machine.... Later just before 1.15 pm I did see the sun, briefly and then it was back to rain. Grrrr. Cocoon - what a good idea.

  5. Such a biting wind yesterday even walking from the car into the school to see my granddaughter in her school music concert I was frozen to the bone. Lots of clappy hands at the concert soon warmed me up.


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