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In which I natter on tea, cake and paint

Thank you for your 'sympathetic' comments - whether for me or for the Cupboard Inspector, some of them (Jayne and Threads Through my Life you are both incorrigible) very amusing ..... pfft!!!

Any hoo my own personal adventures with white paint continues ....

The dresser now gently beams out a reflective glow even in the dim early morning light, already brightening the room.
A small multi-painted many-coloured stool - one we have had for ages (so long I can't even remember how it became part of the family) has quietly stood in a dark corner - that too has had a lick of white (needs a final coat today) and suddenly it wants a cushion in grey and cream to sit on it - I shall oblige.... just need to find something suitable in my wool stash.

It is amazing what a coat of paint can do - not just to a piece of furniture or a room
but to me too. 

Ah - the kettle has just boiled, time for a mug of tea and a bit of baking (feeling a bit hygge today). Our knit and natter group are popping round this afternoon so I think may make scones or lemon pound cake or ... I know! A ginger cake - not made one of those for a rather shamefully long time :)

It is amazing how spirits can be revived with a mug of tea, thoughts of ginger cake and a bit of paint - I have been so fed up with this dreary January - hope your Tuesday is feeling more positive filled with cake, tea and yarny friends :)


  1. They're both looking great and I'm looking forward to seeing the cushion for the stool. X

  2. Loving the transformation, you did a fab job.

  3. A few years ago we had lots of our old ‘yellow’ pine furniture painted cream and it was utterly transformative. Your dresser is a beauty regardless of what colour it is, but I completely understand the need for more light, more reflective surfaces.

    What tales that old stool could tell, of small boys and many boots?


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