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January's 5 on Friday

Welcome to my Five on Friday - a lovely way to express gratitude for those little things that made me smile.

  • having the exact right amount of change - something so simple yet so satisfying
  • my morning coffee - I gave up coffee over a decade ago and replaced it with tea. I still miss coffee... so the one decaf coffee with cinnamon I have in the morning is pure bliss.
  • sunny winter days- as rare as hen's teeth, so when they happen - they are so precious
  • sleep - I am a sporadic sleeper - so when I do get an undisturbed night - it is certainly worth a shout out, even better when I get a run of them, which is what I am getting at the moment - yay.
  • the instant gratification of a cellphone camera - the ability to capture a single unrepeatable moment - priceless
Just look at the concentration on that face! 


  1. Oh to wake up after sleeping through the night; something I never do these days so I know how you feel. We might be having a sunny weekend, fingers crossed! That photo of Pepper is indeed priceless!

  2. Great photo of puss :) I know what you mean about sleep ... I never seem to get a run of nights .. but the skies have been blue between the showers and there's new growth everywhere:)

  3. I too understand about the sleep thing..... I also like being able to give the exact amount for payment, but that's the bank employee coming out in me, with a few other quirks thrown in from my working days. I only have one weak coffee at around 10am these days too, then maybe ordinary tea, peppermint, chamomile or even Lady Grey. Cellphone! Oh dear, I'm struggling with technology now, without having a "fancy" phone, but certainly love my Samsung camera being digital & usually have it with me. Hope you have a lovely sunny weekend. Ours is to be windy, grey, smoky, maybe stormy & with some rain. Could be flooding now in parts of our burnt areas.......no! Take care & huggles.

  4. Another non sleep understander, a whole nights sleep is a rare thing.
    Awww look at puss, what a great pic.

  5. Crossing fingers very gingerly . . . YES, it looks like I am back in blogland :)

    Super list with sleep at the top. Years of only getting 3 hours a night because of pain will probably never be forgotten.

  6. All of those are priceless, especially the look on that face. X


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