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Ta da!

Yesterday's knit and natter was a pleasant catch up, a bit of crafting and lots of talking,
I suspect that (sshhhh don't let the secret out) the get together should be renamed ...
Chatter and Nibble (oh and bring knitting if you fancy!) 
I did start (between chatting and nibbling) a cover for my wooden stool 
Which, after everyone went home, I continued a little longer,
finishing it off in the evening after we'd eaten.
Quite like the end result.

Was also quite happy with the cake,
A moist and succulent ginger cake,
my only comment?
Needed a lot more ginger, so when I make it again 
I will 'up the heat'.

Right, if you excuse me, I have a friend about to land
and we are off walking and sketching,
hope you have a lovely
Wednesday xxxx


  1. Oh, that’s rather splendid (I meant the crochet, but I expect the cake was splendid too!)

    What a great transformation. XX

  2. The stool looks great, the cake too! X

  3. The stool cover is an excellent idea, sounds great and the ginger cake, yum!

  4. Loving the stool cover and the cake looks tasty too.
    We spend more time chatting at our knit group, its a saying that you can only bring 'plain backs' of things otherwise you'll have to undo what you have done whilst chatting.

  5. Love the new look stool and cake looks good too.xx


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