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Excuse me while lose my rag....

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The cupboard inspector has been in....
Instead of the usual inspecting INSIDE the cupboard.....
A thorough (I say that between clenched teeth) inspection of the 
EXTERIOR took place 
Then, to confirm the inspection,
a written report... 
In dupli(cat)e.... 
errr tripli(cat)e... 
With a spare copy. 

The Cupboard Inspector tends to do all work anonymously (bit like a secret shopper) however in this case despite the EVIDENCE YOU RIDICULOUS CAT!... all connection to the case is DENIED.

Apparently having a white paw is not evidence enough (nor is have three white paws....) besides the evidence has been tampered with and in a cat of law - not enough white paint under the claws or on the fur is enough to pin ANYTHING to ANYONE......

Excuse me while I quietly LOSE my RAG, fill the kettle, find some sandpaper and RUB DOWN THOSE FOOTPRINTS and SCRUB THE CARPET and THE KITCHEN MAT and THE BACK YARD and THE WOODEN SURFACES.....  aaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

who? Moi?  No CATegorically - no.Related image


  1. Whoops! But you have to love them anyway :-)

  2. But she is asleep so how could she be blamed????? I think some hooman dipped a cat's paw replica into the paint and dabbed it here and there and everywhere.... I rest my case.

  3. I suppose “ooops” does not even begin to sum up your day.

    Of course you are PAWfectly within your rights to be FEELINE pretty irritated but hopefully this is not a CATastrophe. Hopefully Miss Moss has pointed out to the culprit that tuna rations are to be withheld until at least Easter, and that this sort of behaviour is not to be repeated as you are a FURmidable opponent and a repeat PURformance is unlikely to be met with retaliatory behaviour and you won’t be KITTEN (kidding?) around. I’ll go away now having not helped at all . . .

  4. mmm... looks like you are getting the silent treatment ..... LOL

  5. Oh dear...one day you will see the funny side...I think! x

  6. I have two permanent white paw marks on my front door step where a certain cat stepped on my freshly painted doorstep last year. I feel your pain! Arilx

  7. I just wonder who was the guilty party. Not Pepper, never Pepper, must be the paint fairy. x


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