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Pen and ink


Yet another driech and bland weather day - they are so draining.

So this morning I made a black cinnamon coffee, switched on lights and grabbed my sketch book. In the gloom there was not much incentive to draw so I stared out the lounge window whilst sipping my drink.... then realised I do have something to sketch. 

My view itself - complete with cat *not listening* to the raspy pen on paper noises I am making.

Later Himself and I will head for the hills (not that you can see them as once again they have vanished into the gloom) and I will be taking my camera to make myself find some small treasure bright and beautiful hidden in all this grey.

Hope the sun is at least attempting to shine where you are, have a lovely Friday! - xxxxxxx



  1. The cloud is so low here too, I can't see the fells.
    Lovely sketch. I hope you enjoy your walk. X

  2. Sounds like the prefect day, no sun here, more snow,

  3. A really dull and dreary day here, a little drizzle on the school run with granddaughter but she enjoyed her scooter on the way there and back and I enjoyed the walk all wrapped up cosy.

  4. Love the sketch of the view outside your lounge window. Captures all of the details. x

  5. I envy your talent as I can't draw a straight line!


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