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January's scavenger hunt photos

Morning fellow photo hunters - what have you found this month?

Here are mine - enjoy!

Lost and found
A rather old and rusty silver cross pram stashed behind a wall a very long way from anyone....
A little further along was a series of kid's bikes, each one slightly newer than the last.
Shame on you Mr Farmer - the land might be in your name 
but you are still a fly tipper :(


It has to be said, that some of my daily walks have been quite - a challenge....

One from the archives - my birthday last year, 
Himself and I spent a very long and wonderful day out in the Dales,
 only returning once we'd walked our legs off and eaten all our supplies.
This was our late lunch which we ate alongside a lovely Dales beck.
We were ravenous.

Starts with an M

Ends with a T
A most glorious sunseT - one evening coming back from a wintery walk,
a chilly afternoon turned into a icy-fiery evening.

My own choice
My latest WIP - a cushion cover to go with my new lapghan,
soooo warm and snuggly,
I was really lucky to be gifted the wool.
Only problem is ..... what to make next????

Off to see what you lovely lot have done this month :) xxx


  1. Hi Kate :)
    Great photos as always ... I love your lost and found - very timely tick off to those people dumping stuff. And that sunset is wonderful.
    I'm always inspired by your walks - it hasn't translated into me actually going on any yet but I'm inspired lol
    Thanks for doing this great challenge every month.

  2. Lovely photographs, Kate, especially the sunset. The cushion cover and blanket look so cosy. I've just finished crocheting a blanket myself and will be looking for a new project to get stuck into. X

  3. That sunset is certainly a fiery one, my favourite though is the picnic lunch, it looks delightful :-)

  4. Farmers and their rubbish - grrrrr. It sure has been muddy of late but your lunch looks wonderful. As usual lovely photos. Thanks.

  5. Naughty Mr Farmer leaving all that junk lying around.
    Loving the cushion, it looks a comfy place to sit.

  6. Love your interpretations of the list of words especially your birthday lunch, it sounds like it was a very special walk. But my favourite must be your own choice. Your cushion cover and lapghan looks fabulous on that chair.

  7. Love the sunset..........oh, those poor old remains could be used to make lots of bits'n'bobs with the right imagination instead of littering our countryside. Look forward to seeing what becomes of the rest of your gifted yarn, as those two are especially lovely. Thanks for this hunt, take care & huggles.

  8. Your crochet pieces are lovely! Such a beautiful sunset, what a great way to end your day.
    Do you think the farmer knows all that trash is there? That would certainly make it worse if he did!

  9. Your birthday lunch looks great but I think I like the sunset the best :)
    Great photos.


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