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Thursday is for painting

It is at this time of the year it feels as if 'nothing' is happening , that the wheel is turning very slowly and although the light is returning - it too, is taking it's time.  Yet I feel that I need to be.doing.something.... . It is the brain fog I have rolling around in my head!

Any hoo - thought I would drop in and say that I will be doing a Five on Friday - Gratitude tomorrow and if I can keep myself vaguely organised, it will run roughly half way through each month.

In case you are not sure what happens, all you need to do is list five things that have made you smile, gave you that mental hug you needed, those little things that you were grateful for and if you happen to have a photo or two to accompany your words all the better.

It is a lovely and gentle way to round up the week whilst reminding yourself that sometimes the small things that make your day better are worth acknowledging.

Excuse me, the kettle has called and I have a loaded paint brush waiting for me, I am still on a mission to improve the reflective light quality and even in it's half done undercoat status - it feels brighter already!

Have a lovely Thursday, see you tomorrow xxx


  1. I always wanted a dresser but never had one. This house is too small. That one is lovely.

  2. A lovely dresser...just matches my three drawer wall shelves!

  3. I too always fancied a dresser. We've got lots of old wood furniture that I love and no room for one.


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