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March photos & #staystrongfriday

I almost didn't do this month's list - felt it almost too 'trite' in this world of the new normal.

But then, tonight at 8pm, I stood and clapped with my neighbours and family until my hands hurt, listened to shouts and whistles, watched flares and felt that although we are all individuals, we are all one.

So, in a spirit of defiance - a spirit of we will adapt, we will learn from our mistakes and we will blossom and find a better normal - one that is ..... less is more...... #staystrongfriday

All images are from the archives - enjoy xx

March is Eldest's birthday, photo - March 2011

A kerchief - The age of Brass and Steam in self striping jazzy sock wool - June 2011

Yellow Flag Iris - Northumberland - July 2011

A favourite lane in the Dales - photo June 2013

Attic24's blooming flower cushion  - January 2012

My own choice
Taken today - Thursday.
On our one government sanctioned daily allowed walk

Stay safe xxxxxx

#staysafe #staystrongfriday #corvid19


  1. Another month gone by - whoosh - is life speeding up at present, where does the time go?

    The crystal ball picture is wonderful, does C. use a special sphere for photography, or was it one you already had?

  2. This particular lensorb is mine - was his until I dropped it and put a small chink into it's perfect surface :( - I bought him a replacement and adopted this one! I think I use it more than he does :D

    1. I thought I should add “you’re trouble you are . . .”
      A small, not very expensive lensorb is on the way to Cumbria . . . If it doesn’t work for photography I suppose I can always try and use it for scrying 😉😉

    2. You will love it (takes a bit to get the positioning right) and you will see even more wonderment and beauty on the normal things that are beautiful - sunsets, seascapes, flowers, trees - have fun and experiment xxx

  3. Lovely Kate. Someone doesn't seem to like turning another year older in 2011 or was it having his photo taken? I do like your tae on flag & your scarf is gorgeous. I've been fascinated by that lensorb since you first showed it & think I might try & find one once the world settles again or if ever. Thank you so much for keeping this going & I wasn't going to post, but decided I'd given a suggestion to browse our archives, although mine were all fairly recent. It is usually me searching archives. Take care, stay safe & huggles.

  4. Thank goodness you did join in. Cameron looks so cute... my favourite? Blooming cushion and cats. Please try to be normal and give us some words for next month. If you're short of ideas I've a few!

  5. Thanks for this Kate - I wasn't going to take part - haven't even checked in on blogs for a week - and after reading yours I thought - Ok, get on with it!! Thanks for the push and for the gorgeous, thoughtful photos as always. I love your 3 and Birthday especially and like Susan I'm dying to have a go at the lens orb ... Take care, be safe and looking forward to pushing myself back into some sort of routine.

    1. you are welcome - sending love and hugs (at the regulated government approved distance!!!)

  6. Ooops, I've lost track of the days and forgot it was today ...
    Love the blooming flowers cushion, I was going to make one of those, but something else got made instead. Will add it to my 'what can I do whilst at home' list.

  7. Thank you for sticking with it this month and sharing your photos, those kitties are adorable! I've been thinking of getting an orb, so many cool photos.

  8. Thank you so much for keeping the scavenger hunt going, it's a great way to stay positive and keep on with normality in these unsettling time. I was so pleased I could join in again and have so enjoyed everyone's photos. And I especially liked your jazzy scarf.

  9. Such lovely pictures bringing back memories. Long haired eldest, gorgeous kittens and your jazzy shawl. It seems many were inspired to take part after seeing your pictures so please keep it up. We need something cheerful to do. xx :)


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