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Blanket making season

During this gentle nothingness that Twixtmas seems to hold,
there is a definite change in the winds,
a sharp wintery scent in the air,
the need for cosy and comfort and love.
These feelings coincide with and herald the start of blanket making season.
It seems to appear when crafting is no longer in secret
 (shhh its a gift for ....) 
or with a deadline 
(stitching right up to chrimbly eve) 
then out comes the stash wool ...
along with a twitch in the fingers
and the need to be doing 'something'.
Colours are arranged and played with and a hook selected.
A return to a favourite pattern (Seaside stash busting blanket) from Coastal Crochet blog.
Except these days 
I just pick and select the pattern I want to do
 rather than follow the exact prescriptive recipe. 
There are some rows I never (ever EVER) want to repeat..... 
The final essential tasks before the blanket can be started - 
a mug of tea,
my laptop to check the pattern,
may be a slice of chrimbly cake
or a last mincepie,
 then I can begin.
Some rows fly,
where the pattern just falls from my hook without so much as a glance or the need to count,
other require a little more attention,
one or two do need me to watch closely 
but they all add up and the initial little brown twirl of stitches
becomes a ribbon,
then a scarf,
now a small knee blanket.
I was a little unsure of the colourway
when I first started,
but as she grows, so does her personality!
Now, as she sits on my knee
with joyful stripe after joyful stripe
falling off my hook,
I love her more.
I know she already has a home waiting 
so, kettle on,
I have more to do.
Gentle Twixtmas to you, dear reader, 
stay safe and stay warm and let's celebrate blanket making season! xxxxxx


  1. Beautiful..I never really got on with crochet.
    I really ought to finish some of my projects...trouble is there are TOO many things I really ought to do!!

    1. I have had to be quite strict with finishing projects - I seem to have had too many on the go, so I used this blanket as incentive to get on and complete them (well most of them ... umm some of them!! hahah)

  2. Well,well, I never seem to be amazed that someone else does as I do at times. I've been hooking a rug from scraps too and just making up some rows as I go along over the last 6 months, but it may help me get back into a blogging routine, which I think I've been neglecting(down in the dumps too much) & maybe missing at times with no motivation to do much at all. Thanks Kate for showing your rug. Take care & hugs from down under. BTW........we are in for 35deg & 37deg for the next few days, so will be melted by New Year (giggle).

    1. Australia has finally warmed up!
      Our winter has been quite mild but still cold enough to trigger blanket making :)

  3. Like gz I have never been able to master crochet despite many friends trying to teach me. I do love a crochet blanket and it is for that reason that I would love to learn one day. I am currently knitting a blanket, not as fast as crocheting I am sure but i am loving it slowly growing.

    1. I knit slowly right handedly (and left when I put my mind to it) but crochet only left handedly - I do find it much quicker than knitting and gives a heavier weightier finish.

  4. As I started to read and saw the first few rows, I thought 'That looks familiar' and so it is. I too have done the Stash Buster blanket and I did follow the pattern but if I make another one, I will be omitting some rows as I did not like them. There's a lot of fun to be had selecting one's own colours too, for which one must have a stash! BTW, when it is not blanket making season? I seem to have one on the to most of the year! x

    1. Yes, very familiar patterns and I see you have also decided to omit some rows. This particular version is number four ... and yes for you all year round is definitely blanket making season!

  5. Lovely! Yesterday I heard the exciting news that my friend is pregnant, and my first thought was that it is a good 'excuse' to start another blanket :)

    1. Who needs an excuse! But seeing you have such a good one, it seems a shame to not make the most of it :)

  6. You can never have too many blankets! x

    1. I agree! especially as the ones I made a couple of years ago seemed to have 'vanished' and moved in with my sons!! So I need replacements and ones I can gift too :D

  7. Love the blanket. I thought I saw it peeking around the corner of the settee on Christmas day. Will be interesting to see it grow. xx

  8. Happy New Year!
    The colours in your blanket are absolutely gorgeous, I wouldn't be able to give that beauty away. xxx
    PS Loved your Trechikoff tale!

  9. Your blanket is lovely! It's going to keep someone's lap warm for sure. I've switched from crocheting to knitting. But you are right there is something comforting about the rhythm of yarn and needles and hooks. Happy New Year!


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