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Something to get your teeth into🍪❄️🎄

On Thursday - the only day we all had time spare - we baked our marathon-relay-tag-team gingerbread festive biscuits. Making sure we had enough to share and to scoff, there was a lot of rolling and cutting and cooking. 

Whilst we were waiting for the biscuits to dry, Moss took us for a quick dog-loop before the weather closed in
Once we'd returned there was a bit of a mini panic when I could not find my icing kit, so Himself and I galloped off to purchase a replacement icing nozzle set (which in the end meant going to five (yes 5) different shops until we eventually found enough to get started.

It could be said we had fun! We now have aliens, snowmen, gold and silver stars, festive trees and pigs ... yes pigs!

Despite all the 'taste testing' and 'pre-icing nibbling' we still managed to fill three jars - perfect for sharing😊🍪

And if you fancy a mad marathon baking sesh of the gingerbread kind - here is the recipe....

350g (12oz) self raising flour
10ml (2 tsp) ground ginger *
100g (4oz) butter
175g (6oz) light brown sugar
60ml (4 tblsp) golden syrup
1 egg - beaten

sift flour and ginger*, add sugar.
Soften butter in the microwave, stir in the syrup then add the egg - mix well

knead til smooth, roll out to about 5mm (¼ inch) thick. Choose your favourite seasonal cutters and have fun!
Lay on to baking trays (either greased or lined)
Bake at 190°c  (375°f) for about 10 - 15 mins until golden.
Cool slightly then finish on a wire track

Decorate to your heart's content and scoff!

* I doubled the ginger, added mixed spice and then for good measure a pinch of ground cloves - I wanted a very festive hit in each biscuit!

They don't last long...


  1. Replies
    1. I do too - they made me chuckle and such a lovely alternative 'theme' for this time of year!

  2. Like wreath making..improved by doing it together!!

  3. Sound & look so yummy. Well done. Your recipe sounds much simpler than some of mine, so thanks for sharing. Take care & hugs. Merry Christmas to all. xox

    1. it is a simple and fail proof recipe - one I used to do when the boys were little and wanted to 'do baking' it can cope with rough handling yet produces a crisp and crunchy biscuit :)

  4. ah, this is so lovely! The cookies look pretty!x

  5. It's Christmas, so it's got to be ginger biscuits. They look great and I love the different themes!
    Have a good Christmas.
    Best wishes

    1. I agree, there are certain tastes and smells that belong to this time of year - have a good Christmas too x

  6. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Kate. Arilx

  7. G. is a true saint to trek around all those shops but the end results were definitely worth it, your cookies look superb. A day late (as usual) but Yuletide Blessings to you all, hope everyone is having a lovely holiday.

    1. He is the most amazing and tolerant person I know - The gingerbread assortment have been scoffed well and truly - I think we need to make more 😊 yuletide love from our home to yours xx

  8. They look delicious. I'm not surprised they wouldn't last long. Xx


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