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Belated Ta-Da! and Hap update

Finished my blanket
Although laid out on the bed
it is destined for the settee.
143 rows of lazy ripple
in 21 shades of Stylecraft.
Three edging rows, two of single crochet,
the final edging in 'bunting' stitch.** 
Crocheted by me,
test driven by cats,
loved by us.
The feather and fan pattern 
has started to really develop,
loving the process of the undulating rows.
Slow going compared to crochet
it is good to 'slow'

Feeling 'Hap'py :)

**I modified the bunting stitch from HERE

How are your wips doing?
Anything on the needles or hook?
What slow crafting are you doing?
Keep us in the loop (hehehe) I love to hear what you get up to :)


  1. Very posh! Well...WIP's cardigan and a patchwork quilt for eldest and her hubby...head can just about cope with the knitting but needs to clear a little before attempting the quilt again. x

  2. Your blanket is gorgeous. I am "granny knitting", making cardigans and jumpers for my grandchildren!

    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. Love the colourway you've used. Still plodding along with my wall hanging.

  4. Ooh, love the rug & it's gorgeous border. Very well done & the feather & fan pattern is progressing beautifully. I once made a F & F two colour jumper which I loved, but I wore it so much, it got pretty tatty. Not done too much lately with all our gadding about & am well & truly shattered tonight after a long day out for K's birthday. Take care.

  5. The throw is looking gorgeous, glad Pepper and Teddy approve. Well worth the effort. Love the way the fan and feather pattern is emerging as the shawl grows. Look forward to seeing it. xx

  6. so pretty! I have a book to teach myself how to crochet. I have got to get started one of these days! You inspire me to try it!

  7. Your blanket is gorgeous and looks suitably cosy. X

  8. Love the blanket! I keep telling myself to do just a few rows a day of my ripple blanket and it'll be finished in no time. Then smaller projects start calling my name! 😉

  9. I love your blanket, it's beautiful colours and cosiness are just lovely!

  10. If you ever come home and find your lovely blanket has 'disappeared', don't worry as I've only borrowed it for 'a white' - just love it. Of course, Pepper has great taste!


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