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I was just going to post a quick reminder about the Scavenger Photo Hunt, 
just a quick post 
- you know the type - 
 Five minutes at the very most....

When - blogger pulled a fast one! They have added all sorts of new and shiny looking templates and with an invitation to .......
'come and have a look'
 and a promise of 
'you can return to your original layout at any time'
 All I had to do was to save my template and I could revert back if I wished.
I was well and truly hooked.

It took me about five minutes to choose a new theme, one minute to realise that, once I'd set it up I could not alter the heading photo - I had to use the one they supplied which was ...
A cat.
 I like cats, 
I own cats,
my cats own me 
but this..was..not..my..cat!

It took a further five minutes to realise that although I 'can return to your original layout' that it was not the same - lots of pop-ups kept popping up (as they do) saying that this widget or that option was no longer visible or had moved or had been deleted all together! The layout no longer fitted the screen and all the text was over the images. The colour had changed and so had the font .... What?!?

Finally, THIRTY MINUTES LATER, I have managed to replace my layout back to a similar format I had before ... minus some things that have 'got lost' - 
Blogger..you.are.not.liked.very.much.at.this.moment - grrrrr

Now where was I, ah yes, deep breath, brush myself down, look out the window and see the snow has finally stopped, and ....

As usual I will post a page where we can put all our links, please put your name or your blog's name and not the title of your post in the link. Til then!

PS think I need a lie down after that nonsense with blogger - sigh!


  1. Phew. Glad I ignored that prompt!

  2. I ignored that prompt, I like it the way it is thank you.

    I promise to try and do the Scavenger hunt on the correct day! As I say I will try!

    Julie xxxxxxxx

    1. Way hey! Julie you are welcome to join in ANY day 😀

  3. I'm glad I ignored it too. I like to keep things simple. It promoted me to give mine a little tidy though. Just need to put more effort into posting. 😊 Hoping to join in he scavenger hunt. X

  4. I skipped it knowing how easily I'd get distracted xx

  5. I ignored the thing..I have enough problems finding things in Blogger just for general housekeeping! Glad you got it sorted.

  6. Sorry you had all that trouble but glad I read this post, I almost fell for it.

  7. I too looked through all the new templates, then just decided to stick with my old one. I like the simple layout that doesn't mess with my header and my side panel photos. I also wasn't too fond of the way they don't show the whole post in the new templates and it says "read more" I want it to be easy for my readers to see the posts. I am excited for the scavenger hunt! I still have a few to take, I will be sharing my photos on the 24th and looking forward to seeing everyone else's photos too!

  8. I've not had any prompts, so not sure what everyone is talking about? But then, this old laptop I use whilst eating my brekky doesn't get any updates for "anything" as it is too ancient, and still works for my emails & blog checking first thing in the morning,(before hubby awakes), so hooray for old technology. It may not be the same on my newer PC though, so we'll see when I do my Scavenger Hunt post. Glad you got it back to where you like it & I'd be scared to fiddle too much anyway. Take care & see you on Friday.

  9. Thanks for the warning..I'd been invited, but said Not Now Thanks..now I'll just say no thanks and do it myself when I get round to it!!

  10. how dare they offer a cat which was not your own!

  11. So glad I was not tempted! I've modified my layout a lot and did not want someone else's which I'd have to tweak. So thank goodness for my laziness! Yippee I can see we are set to have another day of rain ..........

  12. Thank goodness I hopped skipped and jumped right over the darn thing...why when something isn't broken they have to meddle is beyond me. x

  13. So far not seen the prompt but thanks for the warning and very amusing post. Though I know you were not amused at the time!!! xxx


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