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Round up :)

Happy Monday!

Morning :) What a difference a few days of sunshine makes to a northern dwelling southerner!

Woah! What beautiful photographs and excellent stories were shared in our Scavenger Photo Hunt - well done, there was so many lovely little vignettes and memories from everyone. Definitely worth visiting if you missed reading them.

Lovely Lady certainly had a crafting and chickens theme running through her photos, while Jak of Jak's Tales had lovely memories and stories from Africa.

Susan of GRANNY SMITH'S QUILTING, despite mentioning she thought that this month's selection was hard, came up with a lovely narrative of home and outings both here in the UK and Australia. Jill at the Land of the Big Sky did her best to join in but was too poorly - hope you feel better soon Jill :)

Julie - from Julie's Scrapbook hosts a link-up of her own every December which Jak, Susan and I joined in - they are good incentive to see things differently. You should check out her first and last photos (of a jug of flowers).

Lisa N, from Needles and Wool joined us for the first time and cleverly used the list of words to introduce herself, while Jules from  A Hidden Jem used the list to create an entire story of a walk with her daughter - I think she did this incredibly well and really enjoyed reading her post.

Wildaboutworld, who has joined in before (sporadically! - I know she won't mind me saying that!!) came back with a flourish and shared some excellent photos, in particular the most beautiful scarecrow I have ever seen.

Last but certainly not least - J from Simple Natural Handmade displayed her photos in a montage using her new macro lens and a new app on her iPad and I think she nailed it! Nice one.

Things that I have learnt this month - blue seems to be a favourite colour, The dancing scarecrow proved to be very popular and we all have family favourite recipes that are worth sharing.

Thank you everyone who was involved, I shall  be posting April's list soon - until then...

...have lovely week!


  1. I really enjoyed taking part and it was a great way to discover some new to me blogs. Thank you for hosting. X

  2. I look forward to joining in next time and will do it straight away rather than thinking plenty time knowing its sods law I will be sick/ ill. Wonderful from the other bloggers !

  3. Gosh a new list to come soon??? Where does the time go. I have to say that the offerings this month were lovely. Thanks for organising us all; we do appreciate it! Seems like we might get rain tomorrow afternoon but what a joy these past 4 days have been. I've enjoyed being out in the garden and my crafting has slowed down!

  4. Loved joining in again & have really found them all very inspirational & with a few newbies. The walk one was amazing & I also noted that a favourite colour seemed to be blue. Thanks Kate. Take care & have a good week.

  5. Thank you for hosting! it was fun and it was very nice to meet you all! I will be joining in again in April for sure :)

  6. Ooh! Can I join in for April, please? I need to get my camera eye back in before the summer.

    1. Of course you can - that would be brilliant :) we love new folk joining and sharing stories and photos :) x

  7. It's lovely to be able to see the pictures, the glimpses into other people's lives xx

  8. Lovely reading others interpretation of your choice of categories. Not many had a straight choice of colour, seemed to depend on mood and circumstances. But blue seemed to be a predominate choice. Nice to see new bloggers joining in. xx

  9. That is a really lovely summary thank you kj! And no, not at all; sporadic is I feel quite appropriate for me. Incidentally, I asked my mother, who can always be relied upon for absolute geographical accuracy, and the most beautiful scarecrow lady ever was dancing in the walled garden at Gibside, a wonderful Nat Rust place in Northumberland... xxx

  10. I am really enjoying the scavenger hunts

    Julie xxxxx


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