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Monday morning ramblings with coffee

Sitting squinting with the sun blazing into my left eye and warming my left cheek - I am gently procrastinating. You see, I have three more paintings to complete for an order and one more waiting to be started. So what do I do? I sip coffee as I quietly sit and revel in the most delicious sunlight surrounded by two cats and sleeping dog.

I feel to have been starved of sunlight the last few months, winter has been a rather drab and dreary affair slipping for the most part from one grey day to another. Occasionally there has been a brief but delightful flash of a watery sun however as soon as it appeared, it faded and hid.

My crochet blanket has it's border, a different style for me and it (after a few false starts and a bit of crochet themed cussing) looks rather good - so I am happy :) I have no photos yet hence the distinctly low key ta da moment - that will have to wait. Eldest has both my camera lenses for the week for a uni-jolly-out that required a bit more than a cellphone camera.

I did however take some 'tablet-snaps' last night and again this morning in this most glorious of sunny mornings of my latest wip. After the methodical rhythmic and simple delight of crochet I have opted for a slightly more 'thinking' project. A feather and fan hap - in (according to the details on the label) 100% British Falkland Merino. I am not sure how 'local' Falkland wool is, certainly it has a great number of air miles attached to it, history confirms the 'Britishness' of the Falklanders and the purchase of it helps support a small island community.  Here lies in the rub - it is less expensive than purchasing a similar hank from a genuinely local supplier ....  After a little bit of research it seems that due to the climate, Falkland sheep don't have the same problems of fly strike, the fleeces are therefore in better condition and the animals are consequently not subjected to external pesticides.

Any hoo, this weekend has been a milestone in many ways, Eldest officially turned 19 last week and due to logistics of family, friends and university - this particular birthday lasted over 9 days! Two weekends of family celebrations and during the week at uni there seemed an awful lot of jollity and visiting eateries of one sort or another. My brother and fave sis-in-law moved further north, chasing jobs and although not that far away - they could be on the other side of the world, bit too far just to pop over for a brew and a quick chat, thank goodness for the internet. And I have gently returned to painting watercolours- something I am finding is not as 'flexible' as painting on slate. They are very tentative steps and I should have something to show by next week - hopefully by then I will have got back into the swing of things.

So, now,  as my wonderful wonderful (but distracting) sunshine has moved across my window and I can now finally stop squinting - I must get on and paint. Post weekend housework can wait!

Oh, before I go, I discovered a brilliant new phrase and it's meaning - 'Wool-gathering'  - the indulgence in aimless thought or dreamy imagining; absent mindedness. A vacant daze that leads to formless wool-gathering' Yup perfect.

(Thanks to J from SIMPLENATURALHANDMADE for sharing a word/phrase that I think fits me like a woolen knitted glove!)

Have lovely and Happy Monday!


  1. The knitting looks interesting what are you making?

    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. You really have to celebrate when the sun does put in an appearance don't you! My son will be in Bangladesh for his 19th birthday at the end of May. We shall have to celebrate in the late summer instead!

  3. Cant wait to see the paintings x

  4. Wool is gorgeous, interesting story about the Falklands sheep. Yes I agree, Scotland is just 4 hours away but as you say, too far to pop in for a quick chat (or help with my computer) so missing my son and fav daughter-in-law very much. Look forward to seeing your watercolours. xx

  5. Couldn't you just jump into a pool of wool and get lost in its loveliness. x

  6. What a coincidence! I too have spent a fair bit of today knitting. I did also escape into the lovely sunshine. Oh how grey and drab it has been. A bit of sun and life is so much better, even dropped stitches are not so bad! Can't wait to see your finished blanket and the new knitting project!

  7. What a lovey post awaited me this morning, allbeit Tuesday here now. The knitting looks interesting & I've still only attempted circular that once, but really must give them another try. Wish we were closer, then you could help. Belated happy birthday to eldest. As I've seen a few of your paintings & know they are beautiful, can't wait to see what you are now working on. Have a good week & take care.

  8. Sometimes it is nice to just sit and look out the window at nature. We need that every once and awhile. I like the blue color you are using for you WIP.

  9. I'm currently without my camera and even if I had it the days have been so grey that good shots are difficult. Love the blue of your latest wip.

  10. Oh yes, there's still a lot of woolgathering going on round here too! Love the look of your feather and fan hap. Gorgeous colour! I think that supporting the British Wool brands definitely outweighs any worries about wool miles! I bought some yarn with Falklands content recently too so I might be a tiny bit biased!

  11. Love woolgathering! It is when you get your best ideas!

  12. Woolgathering is a lovely phrase!!!! The Falkland wool is beautiful and looks so soft!


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