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Six things that made me smile this Saturday

 Six things that made me smile this Saturday

1. An unexpected egg from an mature hen, who retired herself last year and retrained as a bug and weed inspector - a job she has done exceedingly well.

2. Hand writing a slate for the larger potager and symbolically hanging it on the nervous tree - it can relax for a bit longer, it has two important roles this year - sweetpea support and slate sign holder. It's position will be reassessed at the end of the year.
3. A dilly dog sitting still long enough to be in my picture

4. Being able to make a start on the lay out of the brick edges for the potager beds before it got too wet.
5. Sowing seeds while the hen takes a well earned dust bath beneath my potting tray as the rain hammered on the greenhouse roof
6. Watching as Himself places the 'birthday bench' (a gift from my folks) into pride of place 

Then, due to the inclement weather we had to reluctantly declare defeat and retreat to the house where I made leek and potato soup and 'Betty Ferrie's Shetland Oatcakes

A gentle day, filled with quiet smiles and muddy puddles. But, if it was an indication of what was to come - spring is definitely on her way :)

And you - what made you smile today?
Where you defeated by the rain?
How is your garden growing ?


  1. Lovely. I so miss gardening. Howsomever I wandered into Lidl today and came out with 2 pairs of gardening gloves.....I think I can still wield the secateurs. Well thats the plan.

  2. Can't wait to see the potager 'after' picture when things are in full growing mode!

  3. Great post & fancy a 'retired' hen now laying eggs. The garden is definitely starting to take shape & maybe I'll see it again one day. What made me smile today, ah, sweeping after K had trimmed the edges on the lawns & it looking all nice & tidy. Done before the heat. Definitely "NO" rain, which we need desperately. Maybe when the weather cools & my back/ribs feel better, I'll be getting into some more gardening. Have a good week & take care.

  4. My it was a yucky day. and not looking too good so far this morning. Smile...well...hubby watching the rugby...eldest came over as her hubby is out supervising a load of Ten Tors want to be's...everybody enjoying their tea of homemade sweet and sour chicken balls...and cooking Heidi a very oddball potato inside the woodburner wrapped in foil...it worked! x

  5. That is a good idea for a place to grow the sweetpeas xx Glad to see you did not let the rain stop you xx

  6. I love your photos on this post, looks like a lovely, productive time.

    My garden looks surprisingly fine, more due to the bulbs planted last year than anything I've done recently.

  7. Glad you got some work done in the garden. Me? I hibernated (knitting, jigsaw work)! I did manage to do some thinking though.

  8. Many things to generate a smile! Good to see.
    Our Potager has to be in wooden raised beds. I'm looking forward to developing that in May

  9. Lovely post and the garden is looking great, well done with the paths.

    What made me smile today? Seeing Daisy leaping around indoors with a new (still clean and not muddy) rugby ball.

  10. Lovely happy pictures. Well done ol'chook - definitely a laat lammetjie - or maybe the first of many after a rest? Love the bench placement. Will be lovely to sit on to admire all your pottager efforts in a few weeks time. xx

  11. Forgot to say earlier that the first egg from a hen is a magical moment. Hope she manages a few more.

  12. Love, love your potager! What a fantastic idea, using the tree as a sweet pea support. Look forward to seeing that!


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