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Lets get down and dirty!

Walled garden last year, crop rotation plans, lifting and moving path and plants, garden plans

Despite the present rather driech weather I am looking at outside of my window - it does actually feel a little (shhhhh going to say it quietly) a little *spring-like*.

There, I've done it, I have probably jinxed it and the tentative steps towards a bit of a growing season will be called to a shuddering halt!

I suspect what is helping this delicate spring-like feel is planning the larger of two new potager gardens as well as a meeting this afternoon with the National Trust Rangers to discuss the oncoming year for the walled garden (I am really really looking forward to returning to dibbling in the soil on the side of a high and windy hill - it cleanses the soul!)

Sunday, Himself and I with the help of the boys, cleared an area that has had to wait for winter to pass. Last autumn we removed an ENORMOUS leylandii as well as a small ratty wooden shed. We also lifted plants, cleared branches and trees from the end of our garden. Now the sunlight floods in - something that has not done so for a very long time.  We do still have a large conifer in situ and for the time being it will stay (although I have narrowed my eyes at it several times .... it feels nervous) So in order that the tree feels useful, I have now wrapped it in netting and sweetpeas will climb up and beautify that rather gnarly tree trunk.
Brick path and Moss demonstrating where she is allowed to trot ....

Another new area (the second smaller potager) is nearer the house and is a raised walled bed - I am going to use this as a salad area with quick crops such as radish and cut and come again salad leaves - can't wait!
Second, smaller potager, rosemary cuttings, spinach seedlings

The rudiments of the larger potager garden has been laid out, complete with brick pathway and central seating area. I had planned to lay out the bed shapes with string but we ran out of time and light. Never mind, time flies when you are having fun :)

Yup - all good positive growing stuff!

And you? How was your weekend?
Did you get anything done or did the weather thwart you?
Did you get any seeds sown?
Did you get mud under your nails and twigs in your hair?

Go one, spill the beans (or plant them!) and share what you got up  too - I love to hear about your day too :)


  1. Looking good. Lovely garden. Nice to plan, probably best part !

  2. Mr GBT has been planning out the vegetables for the raised beds he built last summer. Lots of decorating going on here at GBT.

  3. Ooh, how exciting getting back up to the walled garden again. Would love to be able to do that alongside you too. Your own garden is definitely starting to look different from when I saw it. Look forward to seeing it as it progresses. Have a good week & take care.

  4. Good idea putting chicken wire round the remaining conifer for sweet peas to climb up. Notice Moss is sticking to paths....is she learning to keep her feet clean?? Potager garden looking good.xx

  5. The layout of your garden so far is very nice, I see a lot of possibilities for spring and summer. There will be lots of plants will be growing in your backyard! this weekend was more of a lazy weekend for my boyfriend and I, unfortunately we don't have a backyard yet to have a garden but I have my indoor plants which help fill that void :) have a good week!

  6. What a lovely space for planting. I am quite envious. I have just prepared our one small raised bed for Lily and I to experiment with some growing. It's such a relief to finally be outside in good weather. X

  7. I have a holly tree in my garden that's feeling quite nervous. Not now, but soon, it will have to be on it's way! I love your garden, it's so pretty, lovely paths and so many exciting things just about to grow - how exciting!


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